10/02/17 05:49

JS Community Outbreak Live stream 3PM Feb 10th


We didn't forget about this, I promise. In fact, the team's been talking about it a lot over the last month and we finally realized that if we did a complete reveal of everything we have planned for 2017, it'd be a 10-hour stream! I know a lot of people would actually enjoy a marathon show, but in the interest of focusing on key features we're going to segment things out over the next several streams instead.

This Friday at 3PM PST, JS Lead Game Designer Ben Jones will sit down with Senior Game Designer Justin Dazet and special guest, BruceLeeRob to discuss a number of new things. We'll talk about the new and greatly improved melee system, Strongholds (base building like you've not seen it before in JS), and we just might reveal a surprise at the end of the show. You've all been incredibly patient these past few months and deserve to see what we're up to! As always, we'll be happy to answer as many questions as we can so please come prepared.
Be sure to tune in: https://www.twitch.tv/h1z1justsurvive

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10/02/17 05:47

JS Test Server Update 2nd Feb 2017

[UPDATE - 6:11PM PST February 7th]

Just a quick update tonight to let you know that we've updated and unlocked Test with the following fixes. When you get a moment, please hop on Test and help us verify these things:

  • Fixed the flashlight switching off in interior close-quarter situations
  • Punching with the flashlight equipped now breaks boxes
  • Crop timing issues addressed (need to verify this over time on Test)

Please note that we are still investigating these issues (among others):

  • Zombie pathing issues
  • Punji sticks not behaving as expected
  • Cloud stutter
  • BBQ/Furnace fire FX

I'm not willing to compromise Live with anything less than a solid update. This might mean the push to Live doesn't happen until next week so we can address those things above. I can't stress this enough - we're not going to adversely affect Live just to say we got something out there sooner. If you're holding off on spending time on Live anticipating an update, please don't let that affect your play. :)

I think most people understand where we're coming from on this and appreciate why this is so important to get right. Thanks for your continued patience, folks.

I'll post again when we have more to update on Test.

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01/02/17 09:40

JS Test Server Update 30th Jan 2017

Howdy Survivors!

We have another Test server update today. We expect at least one additional test server update before we push to Live and do not have an ETA for a Live update at this time.

The goal of this update is to improve stability and functionality of the game, there are no new major feature additions.

Please use this thread to report issues you experience with the Test version of the game.

This update includes the following fixes:
  • FIXED EMOTES – if emotes were broken for you on Test, please come to Test and verify that they are working correctly now. Emotes stopped working for people on a per account, per client type (Test vs Live) basis if they were active during a certain timeframe several months ago.
  • Lead pipes are now salvageable into metal bars
  • Fixed an additional base construction exploit (four total, including the three from the previous update)
  • Player Structures will now show health bars (these had vanished accidentally on the previous Test update due to our performance improvements)
  • Changed the way ammo spawns to reduce clumping. Should reduce the frequency of random “megahouses” full of ammo and lead to a more even distribution of ammo
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get your gun into a state where it appeared to be loaded but would instead fire a blank round
  • Improved roof pathing on experimental zombie navigation (found on experimental Test)
  • Ground Snow and Rain masking improvements
  • Improved Experimental Zombie Navigation to fix the majority of zombie-stuck-on-roof issues.
  • Cooking Container Update
  • Cooking Containers should no longer exhibit timing issues at scale
  • Changed Cooking Container functionality – Now cooking containers have bulk limits
  • Changed Cooking Container burning function - wood items produce charcoal (not ash like they did on the previous test update)
  • Fixed an issue where Cooking Containers did not consume fuel correctly

Plus it also includes these fixes from the previous JS Test Server Update. These updates went out on 1/20.

The original thread for the 1/20 update can be found here.

  • Fixed three separate base building exploit issues that caused issues with raiding and player interactions
  • Fixed several crash conditions
  • Fixed a bug where looking at the edge of decks wouldn't bring up the building permissions list
  • Fixed an exploit with the hospital air drops
  • Fixed an issue with corn mash not converting to moonshine correctly - moonshine should now be harvested correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where admins were removed from bases if they lack visitor permissions
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a crumpled note would mysteriously turn it into a battered trashcan
  • Fixed an issue with vehicles slowly migrating in the water when no one is in them
  • Fixed an issue where wet / snow ground effects would vanish and reappear
  • Experimental Zombie Navigation on Test Experimental - please provide any feedback you may have
  • Additional miscellaneous fixes
  • Improved performance by changing the way certain dynamic objects are rendered
  • Improved performance by updating base building items to use a new, lighter-weight system - Please report any issues you find with base building
  • Visitor permissions are automatically granted to anyone who successfully enters a code on a base door.
  • Removed night vision goggles

Thank you Survivors!

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20/01/17 12:34

King Of The Kill Test Server Patch 1579690

Following the deployment of King Of The Kill build 1579690 to the test server, 59 changes have been noted in the core item file spanning 57 items.
No new items have been introduced in this patch.
These items already exist in the item file but have been renamed and possibly re-categorised.
.380 round .380 Round

View More Details

Disclaimer: this post has been automatically generated based on a comparison of game data files, the changes listed above are only theoretical and may not appear on the live server and could be subject to change at any time.
21/12/16 11:42

JS Game Update 20th December 2016

We have updated and unlocked the Live servers. We made a lot of headway these past few weeks so I'm going to list out everything we've done since our December 2nd update here. Please note that there is NO WIPE with this Live update and weather will not appear on Live at this time.

  • Added "Base Permissions: Visitor". Players not on your visitor list will be ejected when your base is sealed. With the addition of this base permission, non-visitor ejection should solve any unorthodox methods of base entry including boosting. We realize this is a controversial change for some of you and I understand that many people are going to be frustrated by this, but we believe this is a beneficial change based on the feedback we received over the weekend.
  • Server QOL (quality of life) improvements including exploit related fixes, server lag/FPS, general performance, etc. These tweaks should improve server stability and performance overall, especially for the EU servers that have been hit the hardest lately
  • General BattlEye updates to address assorted exploits/hacks
  • Spawn cap bug: fixed an issue where a server may not propagate loot to the correct distributions - this is a big fix that should dramatically increase overall loot QOL
  • General loot balance/tuning pass
  • Added the description "FULL" to our queue population lists (we now have LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, FULL)
  • Added queue placement # back in (where you are in the current queue)
  • Fixed various vehicle issues (vehicles not exploding when reaching 0% health, vehicles being usable with 0% fuel, etc)
  • Fixed an issue with passenger desync/"cord pulling"
  • Fixed an exploit involving ATVs and gates
  • Vehicles will no longer kill you in/on your base
  • Updated POI restrictions for the church located in I8
  • Fixed hoodie issues (all hoodies now display their correct skins)
  • Fixed "Failed to load attachment" error message
  • Removed the Darko Zombie and his related functionality
  • Fixed several issues with shock traps (they will no longer go off forever after being detonated, etc)
  • Arrows no longer crash players near bases
  • Sub-base ejection (if you end up under the deck foundation for any reason, ejection is now instantaneous)
  • The gaps between metal gates and surrounding items are now closed so you shouldn't be able to place items there while raiding
  • Grenades are now equippable in the second weapon slot (default key 3)
  • Items no longer auto-skin. Note that this will not revert previously skinned items
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a partial stack of something destroyed the entire stack (ie: if you pick up 20 wood from a 100x wood plank drop, the other 80 would vanish previously)
  • Players now spawn with an improvised compass that can no longer be broken down for bottles. Be on the lookout for a better one!
  • Fixed an issue where some dropped items would not expire over time
  • Chat (prox/group/radio) should be working again
  • Crop visibility should be working again now once fertilized

As noted above, we are holding weather back for the time being. It will remain on Test as we continue to improve it, but it's not quite ready for prime time. It needs a full art pass, season tuning, transitions are a bit wonky, and so on.

Also, we didn't fix everything for this update that we wanted to - emotes not working for some people, for instance. We're still working on a few things like that. I'll start another "Live Issues" thread as I usually do after a push so we all have one place to collect our thoughts and feedback.

We hope you enjoy the update and on behalf of the entire Just Survive team, Happy Holidays!! :)

Source: Daybreak Website
17/12/16 12:27

JS Test Update 15th December 2016

[UPDATE] - 12:30PM PST December 16th
A few notes about our Test update last night:
  • Boosting - this is Test. We're simply Testing this. We're not committing to it for Live just yet. But this is where we get to, yes, TEST things we're thinking about. What I'd like people to do is spend the weekend with it, report your thoughts, and we'll make an informed decision early in the week. Fair enough?
  • Shock Traps - we have a fix that we'll be promoting to Test here in a few hours. This will take care of them going off forever (or having the effect of them going off after they've been used).
  • Loot spawn - we're listening. We'll continue to try and tweak but as many of you have reported, a small change here means big changes over there. It's not an elegant system (and something we plan to overhaul for our 2017 plans). But it's what we have to work with at the moment and we'll continue to tune it carefully with the feedback we receive.
  • Weather - lots of people have said "wait, you said fix now and add later!" And that's true. This is literally something we turned on. We didn't add it. We haven't tweaked it. We just thought it'd be cool to turn back on for you guys. Also, we wanted to see what kind of impact it had overall. There are no plans at the moment to promote this to Live.

Remember guys, this is Test. We're going to explore things here. We want your feedback at all times but please don't assume that something appearing on Test is an automatic thing for Live. Like I said in my producer letter a few weeks ago:

Good feedback here so far. Keep it coming!
What's new on Test?
  • Added new base permission: Visitor. Visitor permissions are required to be inside a closed base. Closing up your base with non-visitors inside will eject them from the base.
  • With the addition of the base permission above, non-visitor ejection should solve any unorthodox methods of base entry, including "boosting."
  • Fixed an issue with passenger desync/"cord pulling."
  • Base part optimizations. Megabases should be less taxing on performance. Please report any issues with any base components / structures.
  • Several CTD (crash to desktop) cases addressed.
  • Touching a moving vehicle in a base should no longer kill you.
  • Removed the Darko zombie and his "strange zombie has appeared" message and functionality.
  • Lastly: A surprise. Jump on and see for yourself.

As always, please report anything you run into on Test here on this thread. Thanks!

Source: Reddit
17/12/16 12:03

KotK Game Update 14th December 2016

The servers will be coming offline on Wednesday, December 14th at 3AM PT and will remain down for approximately 6 hours.

Live servers are being updated with the latest build changes. This patch is focused on pushing bug fixes for bugs and exploits that we have seen recently. We wanted to ensure as quick a fix as possible for these issues.
New Feature: Kill Cam
  • When you are killed, the camera will now follow your killer for a short time so you can see where the killing shot came from.
Bug Fixes:
  • Further work on the infamous shotgun. We have beat the heck out of this one for some time and our reporting is showing really reliable shot registration and performance. Please pay attention to it, your quality of hits (how much of the spread hit your target, etc.) and share any videos if you believe you see unexpected behavior.
  • Reduced the amount of time before the game starts once you get into Fort Destiny. Rolling from one game to another should be quite a bit faster.
  • Reduced the amount of players that you will see in Fort Destiny. This was done to reduce network load to improve game performance on our servers, and should not really impact your game experience. This has no effect once you parachute into the world to begin the match.
  • Fixed a known case where winning a game could cause a “stuck cursor” state in the subsequent game, which could lead to the inability to aim or shoot under some circumstances.
  • Entering a vehicle prone will no longer allow players to move faster than intended while prone after exiting the vehicle. This removes an exploit that popped up recently that we wanted to eradicate quickly.
  • Cutting the engine of a vehicle will no longer make it completely silent. We were seeing some cases of rolling up on someone in stealth mode that was unintended. This should not occur any longer as you can hear the vehicle rolling.
  • FOV range is limited in the useroptions.ini to match the in-game range. We were seeing some abuse at really wide FOV’s that were giving players an unfair advantage.
  • Procoagulant was appearing as craftable even if you were missing ingredients. This will no longer happen and it will correctly indicate if you are able to craft it or not.
  • Appropriate right click options have been fixed on Makeshift Armor.
  • AK-47s can now be equipped via proximity right-click like other weapons.
  • Holiday Hoodies will now correctly have the hood down when equipping a helmet.
  • Fixed some clipping issues that occurred when wearing body armor and a parka, and the Frostbite Beanie and a face mask.

We are prepping another patch before the holidays that will focus on server performance to get as much out of our current servers as we can. We will share more info on this next week.

Source: Daybreak Website
17/12/16 12:00

KotK Test Server Update 9th December 2016

Team Spectate
  • For the weekend, we’ve turned Team Spectate on. If you’re playing Duos or Fives and are killed, you’ll have the option to Spectate your teammates. We've disabled Solo to help with testing this.
Bug Fixes:

  • Cutting the engine of a moving vehicle will no longer make it completely silent.
  • Fixed an exploit where entering a vehicle while prone would allow players to move at running speed while prone after exiting the vehicle.
  • Makeshift Armor once again has all intended right-click options.
  • Procoagulent will no longer appear craftable despite having insufficient ingredients.
  • We identified and fixed a case where, after winning a game, the mouse-cursor to get stuck on screen after interacting with menus. This could lead to players getting stuck in a state where they couldn’t consistently aim or shoot. This specific case is fixed – please let us know if you encounter this issue so that we can continue to investigate if there are other causes.

Source: Daybreak Forums
16/12/16 11:52

The Arena and Crafting Improvements

The all-new Frostbite Crate has been released!
  • 26 all-new items featuring the ultra-rare Rainbow Unicorn Mask.
  • Ice the opposition with the ultra-rare animated Frostbite AR-15!
Preseason 2 is kicking off!
  • Leaderboards and Stats have been reset for Preseason 2.
  • Preseason 1 participants will be rewarded with the exclusive Tribute Backpack.
  • We’ve changed the Score Thresholds for Bronze through Diamond Tiers to improve the distribution of players within those Tiers.
New Feature: Events
  • Events are scheduled games that can be entered with Event Tickets or Crowns
  • Starting on December 13th and running until January 10th, players can participate in scheduled Skull Crusher Events to compete for Skulls and Legacy crates.
  • The Legacy Crate, for now only available as a reward in the Skull Crusher Event, has some of the coolest “classic” skins in the game.
New Feature: Twitch Invite
  • Streamers who link their Twitch account in-game will be able to invite their viewers directly into their Duos and Fives groups.
  • Viewers must also have their Twitch accounts linked to be eligible to receive an invite.
  • Don’t forget to check out Twitch Prime Month, which kicks off on 12/7!
The Arena has been updated!
  • A new POI, Scott’s Airfield, has been added north of Ruby Lake.
  • Fire extinguishers have been added to building interiors and will release smoke when shot.
  • More ATVs have been added to the outskirts of the map.
  • Added more cover to some of the larger open areas (e.g. west of PV).
  • Added more loot camps to some of the open areas.
  • Long fences now have more openings.
  • Trees can no longer be chopped down.
  • Fixed missing collision in the Hospital stairwell and dozens of other minor bugs such as double-doors and misplaced objects.
The Crafting panel has been overhauled
  • Progress bars make it clear when you can craft an item.
  • Reorganized the list of recipes based on what’s most commonly crafted.
  • Added buttons for Craft and Craft Max.
  • [Known issue] We are aware of the bug causing Procoagulant to appear ready to Craft despite missing some ingredients. The new Crafting panel makes this bug a bit more obvious; be sure to check your recipe ingredients before attempting to Craft! All other recipes behave as intended and we’re working on a fix for Procoagulant.
The Scrapyard and Scrapping have been reworked
  • The Scrapyard now displays the available items. Go get favorites like the Heavy Assault Gear or the Mask of the Jester!
  • Scrapping an item is now done via Right-Click (this still occurs in the Appearance window).
  • The confirmation window will now only appear for Ultra-Rare items or if the item being Scrapped is your last one.
  • The amount of Scrap you’ll gain from an item will now be displayed
Scrapping bug fixes:
  • Items will no longer be scrapped twice by spamming the Scrap button very quickly.
  • It won’t be possible to Scrap the wrong item by moving the mouse to a different item while Scrapping.
  • Items that are scrapped will no longer move to the first slot in the appearance window
  • The preview character will no longer be wearing an item if the last one is scrapped.
General improvements & bug fixes
  • We’ve tuned ping restrictions and fair play systems to be more consistently messaged.
  • We’ve made some enhancements to the projectile code that should result in fewer “ghost bullets” and improved hit registration with all guns.
  • Firing as a reload animation completes will no longer result in incorrect ammo counts.
  • Cleaned up the end of match screens (for death and victory) to display correct information across all game modes.
  • Winning teams will no longer incorrectly finish in second place.
  • Pressing the Escape button should correctly close in-game menus after winning a match.
  • Explosive arrow damage should be much more consistent.
  • Explosive arrows should no longer damage players through walls.
  • Terrain and Trees now provide cover correctly in between the target and the explosion.
  • Bandages and first aid kits will be placed in the empty hotkey slot when looted from proximity.
  • Fixed an issue where military backpacks don't auto-equip over normal backpacks when looted from another player.
  • Guns should always correctly animate off-center when firing is blocked.
  • Lootable items on elevated surfaces should now correctly display in proximity.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to slide quickly while prone.
  • Underscores can now be used in character names.
  • Pressing "Escape" should always correctly exit in-game menus.
  • Police cars should no longer get wedged under guard rails and abandoned cars and explode.
  • Fixed the shred times on Kitsune Plated Full Helmet and Tactical Goggles.
  • Moving while crouched on certain wooden surfaces with stealth shoes will no longer be silent (but should still be very quiet).
  • Fixed an issue where the team member UI could occasionally disappear during match start.
  • Exiting a vehicle while looking backwards in first person will no longer briefly invert movement controls.
  • Basic skins should no longer be duplicated on the appearance screen.
  • Cleaned up the transition between the throwing animation and swapping weapons.
  • Bullets should once again make a sound as they closely pass by players.
  • Cleaned up the error messages indicating players have been disconnected for being idle (this will still occur if you go AFK for an extended period of time).
  • Back Your Match info text has been cleaned up to better describe how the feature works.
  • Cleaned up some display bugs on the Leaderboard page.

Source: Daybreak Forums
16/12/16 11:47

Skull Crusher Event Now Live

Get ready to prove your skill and win some crates with the Skull Crusher Event! https://t.co/WVopgxxgQv

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New Z2 Map Available

Our Whitelisted Server - The Stronghold H1Z1 Stronghold

This is a joint collaboration effort between ourselves, Survivors Rest and PhazePyre.

Registered: 9572 - Applied: 8 - Whitelisted 3841
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