09/05/15 02:07

9th May 2015

  • [Website] - Added ability to have game style tooltips on you're website.
08/05/15 08:54

Quality of Life Patch and Marketplace 5/8

We will go down at 6:00am pacific

Estimated downtime will be 3 hours

We should be back up by 9:00am pacific

Release notes

Steam marketplace

It will be included in this update. You will be able to see your items in your Steam Inventory. While we continue to do some testing, you will not be able to trade your items immediately. We’ll update everyone again when this is turned on. This will be the same for the marketplace. It will be enabled at some point Friday after some additional Live internal testing. We hope to have the marketplace up very quickly after we validate.

Quality of Life Fixes
  • Potential fix for issue where players are stuck at the loading screen
  • Fixed issue where players were losing shotgun shell under certain reload conditions.
  • Locked up bow/weapon bug fixed
  • NPCs are a lot less likely to clip through doors now
  • You can no longer produce blackberry juice with dirty water by taking advantage of auto-subcombines.
  • Fix bug where vehicles continue to play water sounds when driving out of water.
  • Demolition hammer and repair hammer should work no matter where you hit the object.
  • The H1Z1 Crate now drops in Battle Royale and Survival
  • Plated and wooden Armor now mitigate damage correctly on the front and back side
  • Fixed an issue which allowed sound to continue playing while the game is minimized
  • Players are now restricted from building in the out of bounds area.
  • Players now are slowed by water by the intended amount.
  • Fixed issue with female breasts when crouch strafing with rifle
  • Fixed. Players unable to replace some doors after destruction.
  • Coffee now replenishes hydration properly.
  • Bears and wolves will no longer attack a player inside a vehicle.
  • Reduced the fuse time on flash bangs
  • The duration of the flash bang blinding effect has been increased
  • Added a "Battle Royale" page to the character create flow.
  • Disabled the recipe for "Metal Shed" as it was a pre-alpha test item that had no support for doors or correct placement.
  • Made vehicle occupants follow the first person only rule set.
  • The Pleasant Valley Area map now looks like a brochure map, with close-ups of three towns.
  • Players now start in 'active' weapon stance
  • Several damage sources (notably Molotov cocktails and grenades) were tracking damage incorrectly on PvE servers. This should now be fixed.
  • Fixed noticeable hitch when dying
  • Fixed jittery camera when sitting in the back of the truck
  • Door collision should now stay put after opening and closing several times
  • IED should now explode properly when ignited.
  • .308 bullet damage has been increased.
  • Male and Female pants were updated with a model and texture tweak
  • Breathing sounds only play while sprinting when stamina is below 60%. Lower stamina levels have heavier breathing. Letting go of sprint will play a breathing cool down for 10 seconds.

Source: Reddit
07/05/15 01:16

Patch Moved To Friday Morning

We are going to be pushing the Quality of Life patch to Friday morning. We have been updating the Test Server with fixes as they come in. We want to make sure we get as many of the issues fixed in this patch as we can. Look for the full list of fixes tomorrow.

Rest assured that with each upcoming patch we will continue to include bug fixes alongside new content. We will also take the time to include a Quality of Life Patch once a month moving forward. We are finishing our list for the May Roadmap now and it should be completely updated tomorrow or Friday.

If you haven't yet, jump onto the Test Server and give us your feedback in new threads with the label [Test Server].

Source: Reddit
06/05/15 10:25

Unofficial Patch Notes 04/30/2015 to 05/05/2015

PhazePyre has just posted findings from the latest patch update, this is now live on the test server but as yet is unconfirmed if all changes will carry forward to live.

  • Item Name
    • Gas Grenade
    • Smoke Grenade
    • IO.Door.RestaurantDoor01
      • I feel like this may be an incorrect addition to the Locale files?
    • Renamed Flashbang to M-84 Stun Grenade
  • Item Description
    • Once deployed, the Smoke Grenade will emit a large cloud of Smoke that can be used to cover tactical movements.
  • General
    • [[key]] Claim [target]
    • You may not build structures in the quarantine area.
      • Quarantine area?! What does this mean!?
    • [[key]] Undo placement of [target]
      • *I really hope this put the structure into your inventory again, but I hope they take into account inventory space and have a "You don't have enough space to undo placement".
  • Smoke Grenade
  • Icons
    • Smoke Grenade
  • Bears and deer now have health regeneration, unsure if both wolves and rabbits will have that as well.
    • Bear: 0.1HP/msec
    • Deer: 0.01HP/msec regen
  • Modifying Character Inventory?
    • BaseClient.ProxiedCharacterItems
    • ProxiedCharacter.CanMutateInventory
    • Self.CanMutateInventory

Source: Reddit
05/05/15 09:50

Rancho Taquito Bandits Gear Concepts

Sebastian, Art Director on H1Z1 has just tweeted regarding some new gear
Working on some new gear #ranchotaquitobandits #h1z1dev @H1Z1game

Larger Image
04/05/15 02:29

Ingame map incorrect (Magpie Road)

Incorrect road signs don't tally with what the map is showing us.

The road signs suggest that Magpie Road isn't placed where it currently is and in fact that road is labelled North Greenhorn Road.

Magpie Road according to the current road signs, traverses through the middle of The Villas Development replacing the need for a collection of smaller roads.

  • Corner of Magpie and Condor (Screenshot shows Magpie Rd and N. Greenhorn)
  • Corner of Eagle Drive and Magpie Road at Eastwood Stop (Screenshot shows Magpie Rd and N. Greenhorn)
  • Corner of Bluebird St and Eagle Drive (Screenshot shows Magpie Rd)
  • Harrier Close and Eagle Drive Intersection at The Villas Dev (Screenshot shows Magpie Rd)
  • Corner of Nova St and Magpie Rd (Screenshot shows Nova St and N. Greenhorn Rd)

Raised on the Tracker: HZ-4544
04/05/15 12:53

4th May 2015

  • [Map] - Added a section for Locations
  • [Map] - Added some labels to the navigation
  • [Website] - Fixed the Decline Squad Application Bug
  • [Website] - Added pagination to the squad page for larger squads
03/05/15 11:00

3rd May 2015

  • [Map] - Added a quick reference Crafting Interface Onto The Map (new icon on the left)
  • [Map] - Only one manually pasted loc will be visible on the map, each paste updates the marker.
  • [Map] - Players who are offline over 15 Minutes are now hidden from the map
  • [Map] - Last Updated Timers are not updated on player markers (updated via UM)
01/05/15 09:20

Game Update 5/1

Servers will be coming down at 3AM Pacific for approximately 2 hours.

We will be doing a full player/world wipe

We will be collecting a list of current players for the FREE Daybreak t-shirt grant. This grant will happen after the servers go live.

Steam Marketplace is being moved to our Quality of Life patch next week. We're working with Steam to make sure all the bugs are ironed out. This is a bigger ticket item and requires multiple passes from us and Steam. It almost made it into this patch but unfortunately had to be moved.

Release Notes

  • You can now choose to be a female survivor in the H1Z1 core game and Battle Royale.
  • All existing wearable’s and emotes work for both genders, including your account items. No matter what gender you choose, skinning an item or using an emote will work for both.
  • If you wish to change gender, you will need to delete the character and recreate it.
  • Known issues: There is currently limited voice for the female character. More will be coming soon.
Other Additions
  • All H1Z1 players will receive a "Daybreak Games" in-game t-shirt. You must own H1Z1 prior to the server wipe.
  • First Person Battle Royale is now available
  • Offroader now has upgraded interior
  • Green and Brown Camo beanies now have the correct texture
  • You can no longer pick up items, open/close doors or search containers while restrained
  • 380 rounds will now spawn in Battle Royale
  • The recipe for yeast now gives 2 yeast instead of 10
  • Handcuff keys are now visualized in game
  • Added a new recipe for a metal wall that has a doorway inside of it. This can be used instead of a metal gate to gain access to your base.
  • Biofuel and ethanol now do half the damage to structures that they used to.
  • The recipe for ethanol now creates 1 ethanol instead of 5.
  • Flashbangs are now in game, they will explode after 3 seconds of being thrown and will blind anyone within a 7 meter radius.
Construction changes:
  • 'No placement' radius around bases has been increased. The owner of the base and people grouped with the owner are not affected.
  • If the owner of a foundation does not log in for a set amount of time (currently testing it at 2 weeks), the foundation reverts to un-owned, and may be claimed by another player.
  • If the owner of a foundation deletes his or her character, the base will be set to un-owned immediately. This will allow groups of friends to "hand off" management of their base to another player.
Test Server Issues Resolved
  • You can now interact with everything in your inventory
  • Night vision will turn on and off as intended
  • Night vision goggles fit on the female model

Source: Reddit
29/04/15 10:20

Bases / Construction The Low Down

We've had some issues with the construction and base building recently, and I thought it was time to share what we're doing, why we're doing it, and where we'd like to head.

First off, we have objectives for our construction system:
  • Provide a way for people to gather and rest from zombies (PvP and PvE).
  • Provide a secure storage location for loot (PvE, and PvP keeping raids in mind)
  • Allow players to express their creativity by building in our sandbox using things they've crafted
  • Give PvP players a target for their agression / a raiding goal
The current system is pre-alpha, and will be improved upon as we move forward.


Our current building rules are leveraging off of the group system. It's not ideal, but it's what we have right now. We plan on having a discrete builder permission list per foundation. Whether this is controlled via persistent clans (or whatever we decide to call them), a UI-driven list of players, or some other manner is currently under discussion by the team.

This list of players with access to the base's foundation is allowed to build or destroy items tied to the foundation. The piece of code that allows anyone to use demo hammers on construction items they don't own (but do have base permission to alter) did not make it in this patch. It will be in either a hotfix later in the week, or next week's patch.

We altered the damage of many of the projectiles vs. construction materials. Ditto for the explosions. Also, some recipes give much less rewards than previously, making raiding more of a resource commitment.


Over the past patch (and this coming patch), we've implemented some building rules.
  • You must be grouped with the owner of a foundation to build on it or near it.
  • This coming patch, we are increasing the "safe" radius around the foundation to keep people from griefing bases by putting foundations nearby.
  • If the owner of a foundation does not log in for a set amount of time (currently testing it at 2 weeks), the foundation reverts to un-owned, and may be claimed by another player.
  • If the owner of a foundation deletes his or her character, the base will be set to un-owned immediately. This will allow groups of friends to "hand off" management of their base to another player.
  • Coming next week: Demolition hammers may be used on any item connected to or resting on a foundation, if the owner of the hammer has permission for the foundation.

There were several bugs fixed last week and this coming patch. First, the construction objects on a base are now correctly tied together in a hierarchy. Each piece keeps track of it's attachment (or "ground") parent. This allowed us to eliminate things like door stacking that was adversely affecting frame rate in certain circumstances. We also have the ability to (but have not yet implemented) recursively destroy base pieces when their "parent" is destroyed. The team is still discussing the ramifications of this.

Next, we have better tracking of the status of the base doors / walls. I'm not going to go into detail why :) You all can figure that one out for yourselves.


We're constantly working to catch and/or discourage cheaters. It's unfortunate that we need to spend so much time and resources to combat them, and that they affect the way legitimate players enjoy the game. We totally get it. As our anti-cheat improves, we'll have less need for some of the anti-sandbox rules, and some of them may be eliminated.

We will have some sort of persistent permission system. What form it will take is currently under design.

We're talking about additional ways to secure valuables. Magic locking chests or totally invisible caches make raiding pointless. That said, we are talking about some ways in which we can improve on our current systems. We've heard many suggestions from our players on Reddit, and are evaluating some of them.


With the current rules in mind, my suggestions for base builders and raiders after the wipe:
  • If you're building multiple-foundation bases, use a designated builder to avoid annoying "Lex isn't online now, so I can't build in the NE part of the base" situations.
  • If you raid, blow up the gate. Don't hop over the walls. Don't noclip into the base from underneath.
  • Note that resists on doors (especially metal doors) have been changed.
  • If your base is under attack by cheaters, do not open doors to your secured rooms. If they kill you, do not immediately run back to your base and try to re-gear from your secure areas. Many hackers are waiting for this, and jump in from hidden locations when you open the door.
TL;DR version - We traded a little sandbox for more base security. We're still evolving our construction system.

Source: Reddit
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