15/05/15 08:48

Game Update 15/05

Servers will come down at 3:00 am PST

Servers will be down for approximately 2 hours

We should be back up by 5:00 am PST
  • An "Eyes" slot has been added to the character loadout. This slot is designated for items that fit over the eyes, such as All Purpose Goggles, Night vision Goggles and other upcoming assets.
  • Known Issue: Goggles you already have equipped in the Face slot will stay there until you remove them.
  • The numeric stepper for splitting stacks in inventory now allows keyboard input.
  • Loadout of handcuffed player can be inspected now.
  • Landmines, punji stick traps, and barbed wire have all been reworked to use a new system that makes them act much more reliably. The range for triggering them now more closely resembles their model.
  • The White Striped Motorcycle Helmet now has the correct texture.
  • Swizzle now gives a jolt of stamina instead of increasing move rate.
  • Added the ability to pick up a misplaced ground tamper if done within 30 seconds of placing it.
  • Optimized fire FX, that play on player-built structures, barrels, dumpsters, and zombies. This was causing framerate issues previously.
  • Added a craft max button that attempts to craft as many times as possible. There is an issue when determining the max though sub combines which may miscalculate the max quantity. We are aware of this and it will be adjusted in a future update.
  • Doors now push your character out of the way.
  • Ambient music will now play sporadically throughout the world.
  • Fixed vehicle impact sounds so they no longer get cut off when playing.
  • Added hit reaction grunts and groans.
  • Players should now be able to hear other players fist impacts on other players/zombies.
  • Added ear ringing to flash bang effect.
  • Fixed a rare case where players could respawn inside other players’ bases.
  • Streamer friendly settings now available. You can hide locations and names.

  • Molotovs and Grenades no longer damage players and player owned items.
  • Disabled player-to-player collision. You may now walk though one another.

Grenades and Molotovs
  • They now have an appropriate arc to the throw instead of being a direct line.
  • Reduced the delay when switching weapons to a grenade/molotov.

  • Footwear now modifies your sprint speed. It goes in the order of: (slowest)Barefoot < Boots < Sneakers(fastest).
  • Footwear durability will now decrease when sprinting and spawn with various durability levels. Note: Bare feet do not have durability.
  • Footwear now alters the noise your footsteps make, which affects zombie/wildlife detection and what other survivors can hear.
  • Barefoot = Quiet
  • Sneakers = Somewhat Noisy
  • Boots = Loud

Source: Reddit
15/05/15 01:33

Sky Base

Now this is how you build a base :) Check out the announcement post on Reddit

14/05/15 07:19

24 hour daytime servers available for testing

Here are the affected servers

Smed’s Dead (HC)
Prison Shanked (HC)
Kryvy Rig (Core)
Lacerated (Core)

Hop on them if you would like to experience H1Z1 in a 24 hour daytime environment.

Source: Reddit
14/05/15 11:23

Unofficial Patch Notes 05/05/2015 to 13/05/2015

@phazepyre has just taken to Reddit and posted the unofficial patch notes relating to todays patch on test.

Looking like Mountain Bikes might be coming our way soon!!

Big Focus on wearables this week suggests some potential new slots

Bandanas (Facemasks)




In addition, Sandbags have been added to aid with base construction and defence.

Sandbag Sandbag Wall

Source: Twitter
14/05/15 09:13

Changes To The H1Z1 Publish Cycle

ShockDev - Producer on H1Z1 explains the new publish cycle.

Read all the details on the link below but in summary after this week’s publish, they will be making a slight adjustment to the publish cycle.

Test Server: Thursday
Live publish: (Following) Tuesday

Thursday will now be the target date to release a build to the Test Server environment.
Then...the following Tuesday will be the target date for the transition from Test Server to all live servers.

Source: Reddit
14/05/15 09:07


John Smedley is reaching out to the community on Reddit and has posted regarding Nighttime.

If you belive the current Night Time period is to long?
If you would like to see some 24 hour day servers?

Or if you have any other suggestions regarding Nighttime go let John know your thoughts.

Source: Reddit
14/05/15 01:36

13th May 2015


Now you can value the contents of your H1Z1 Steam backpack based on current market prices. This feature requires you to authenticate with Steam, your login data is NOT shared with us.

Why not give it a try Value Your Steam Inventory
13/05/15 07:48

Additional Head Options In the Works

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1 has tweeted that the team are working on more head options and are looking forward to making zombie versions of each too.

Source: Twitter
12/05/15 09:59

New Face Accessories Coming Soon

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1 has tweeted that the team are working on some new face accessories.

Source: Twitter
12/05/15 09:57

Crossbow Wireframe

@crowempires the Art Director on H1Z1 has tweeted a picture of the upcoming Crossbow...

Source: Twitter
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