28/03/15 12:30

Post Patch notes for Client version

After a rocky start to the morning (with client version we patched the major crash bug that appears to have been caused by some threaded code issues. After seeing the volume of crashes, we locked the servers until we addressed the significant crash.
  • A few reports have come in about the client hanging on exit, we're looking at that.
  • The zombie density and distribution changed pretty significantly, so you will find them in different areas, and hopefully in generally larger amounts. You will probably find FEWER of them wandering lonely in the wilderness for now.
  • With the increase in zombie and other characters, there's a chance there will be lag-related issues.
As usual, I will update if we find more things and you can reply here with additional issues.

UPDATE: We're looking at the adjustments to reduce the lag-related issues.

UPDATE: I've been on the servers most of the day adjusting settings to deal with some of the lag issues, and the team is also making some other adjustments to deal with some additional slow-downs on the server side of things.

Source: Reddit
28/03/15 11:54

28th March 2015 - Load Times Improved

  • [Hardware] - New Dedicated Serer has been provisioned, now serving all our map tile data (terrain, roads, names)
  • [Map] - Implemented a CDN (Content Delivery Network), all served mapdata is pushed through local serers now, should increase load times on cached tiles.
  • [Map] - Optimised all map tiles and made them much smaller, all zoom levels. The map should zooooommm!
27/03/15 03:35

Unofficial Patch Notes 03/23 to 03/27

PhazePyre has just released his Unofficial patch notes, lots of goodies found.

Read all about it on Reddit.
27/03/15 10:50

27th March 2015

  • [Website] - Updated the player registration page to show more clearly details of Gravatar and that its optional.
27/03/15 12:45

Game Update Notes 3/27

The H1Z1 servers will be coming down at 3:00am Pacific for 2 hours.

Patch Notes

  • M9 pistol has been added to the game, it can be found around the world in the core game and is available in Battle Royale.
  • Fixed bug where branch could be used to chop down tree.
  • Zombie density has been increased and is more reactive to players.
  • Landmines and bear traps have been improved.
  • Can now harvest blackberries and sticks while holding guns.
  • Can now more easily enter a vehicle that is parked in a bush.
  • Anti-cheat – Continuing our efforts to provide a better anti-cheat service and stop more cheaters

Source: Reddit - Daybreak
27/03/15 12:42

Restraints Sneak Peek

So, A lot of people seem to be excited about the restraints so I've decided to show you what I was saving for the next data mine, but oh well here they are!
There's also sections of code that reference character states.
  • TargetIsProning/TargetIsNotProning
  • There is also a state of TargetIsRestrained which I assume is the prevent multiple restraints! :P
So from what I can tell you have to get the character to prone in order to restrain them. I feel like with this, it means player looting will be a thing soon too. Pickpockets unite!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this little post, with all the roadmap hype it's just a taste of what you'll see from me when they start adding metric crap tonnes of content :)

Thanks and Keep On Surviving!

Source: PhazePyre - Reddit
26/03/15 01:41

26th March 2015

  • [Map] - Upgraded single click shareable markers, now uses a shareable link (see use guide)
  • [Map] - Changed the style and size of the map icons, we think they look better
  • [Map] - Turned off all POI from showing on the map by default, select what you want.
  • [Website] - Added a community news section
  • [Website] - As you can see, changed the layout of the page to show last 20 news feeds / changes
  • [Website] - Added a new section for Sponsored H1Z1 Twitch Streamer / YouTuber
  • [Hardware] - New virtual machines have been ordered to upgrade our service
  • [CDN] - Account has been created and soon we hope to role out local content speeding up your map loads times.
25/03/15 01:35

Unofficial Patch Notes: 03/19 to 03/23

Public Issue Tracker
How To Report A Bug
How To Make A Suggestion

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Donate To My "Better Breakfast Fund"

Italics means they are my notes, sometimes I put my own little queries in there about what things might pertain to.

Bold (when used outside of list formatting) is to indicate a formatting error or spelling mistake.

What I am listing in these unofficial patch notes are things that have been modified within the game files (added or modified) so just because something has been added to the game files, does not mean it has been activated within the game.

I have linked the official patch notes above so that you may compare and such.

In addition, I will not include any exploits/security related updates/ or bugs in these notes.


Locale: String (text) lines that are for UI use. These may be for future implementations.
Assets: Physical models for the game.
Images: Pictures!
Other: May refer to anything that seems out of the ordinary.


  • Item Names
    • Mystery Bag v2
    • Alpha Launch Crate Key
    • Alpha Launch Crate
    • Battle Royale Wearables Crate Key
    • Eagle Flannel Vest
    • Pleasant Valley Area Map
  • Item Descriptions
  • General Text
    • AU Server Names
      • Hobart
      • Adelaide
      • Drop Bear
      • Kangaroo Island
      • Perth
      • Brisbane
      • Sydney
      • Melbourne
      • Auckland
      • Battle Royale (AU)
    • Open Crate
    • Bind to a Key


  • Just to note there were some modifications to the following models:
    • Wrecked Van
    • Pistol 45
    • Folded Map
      • Maybe to fix the glow in darkness?
    • CabinetSet06
    • Weapon Shelf
    • Straight Sidewalks
    • Ivan Pants Base
    • Buildings
    • Weapons
      Pistol 380Auto
      M9 Auto



  • Addition of a Rewards screen when claiming reward


  • So there are some new audio files, for the M9 and 380, but I can't help but notice some Roman Candle audio? Specifically since it is listed as a weapon. I'm very curious now.
  • I also can't help but notice there is a Dialogue section. I think there may be a future for NPC audio potentially? Or Radio or something. Very interesting....


Some of these might be in there since release but I'm just trying to expand what I discuss for you folks!

  • Looks like there is some mention of H1Z1 Immmunity, min and max values, and a /sec timer. Interesting.
  • There's also some note here on StaphInfection, potentially for if you get injured enough you can get an infection and die?
  • TargetIsRestrained, This could be either for the snare, or for handcuffs perhaps? They obviously have it programmed to work, it's just a matter of assets and animations.
  • Additions to some .txt files for the reward redeeming from crates.
  • Added necessary code for showing the M9 and 380 in 3rd Person.
  • So there are some new audio files, for the M9 and 380, but I can't help but notice some Roman Candle audio? Specifically since it is listed as a weapon. I'm very curious now.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, send me a tweet or comment below! Thanks guys and keep on surviving!

Tweet @PhazePyre
Source: Reddit
24/03/15 12:57

23rd March 2015

24/03/15 12:56

19th March 2015

  • [Upload Manager] - M no longer enables your mouse guys, instead use the MINUS(-) key or TAB.
  • [Website] - Added an Item Tooltip that displays on all game items.
  • [Website] - Integrated po.st to allow sharing of player & squad pages, in addition to the home page. Please share :)
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