24/03/15 12:46

13th February 2015

  • [Map] - Implemented a super High Res map providing an additional 4 zoom depths, making 9 in total. Huge thanks to Sir Kane for his help with this!
  • [Map] - Added a watermark to the new images, hopefully you wont find them to off putting.
  • [Map] - Map improvements including optimisation to help reduce lag, re-coded the layer system.
  • [Website] - Changed some styles of various pages, added a new background to the home page.
24/03/15 12:45

4th February 2015

    [Map] - Added support to show the player direction on any posted /loc commands from game (example)
24/03/15 12:43

2nd February 2015

  • [Mobile] - Created a basic mobile app to provide an interface into the site.
  • [Logo] - Our in house Graphic artist sp0r created a new logo for the site.
24/03/15 12:43

31st January 2015

  • [Website] - Fixed a bug preventing Chrome and Safari users from utilising the search functionality.
  • [Website] - Added a donate button, just in case you guys are feeling generous :)
24/03/15 12:42

30th January 2015

  • [Upload Manager] - Released v0.3, now provides audible feedback of successful commands so can hear within game.
  • [Map] - Enhanced the legend to show over 50 different layers of detail
  • [Map] - Added an additional 320 points to the site after spending a few hours exploring (Source)
  • [Website] - Created a Server Status page providing up to date information on the state of each game server.
24/03/15 12:41

27th January 2015

  • [Upload Manager] - Created v0.2 of the windows support tool, added support for pasting items.
  • [Map] - Added version's to the submitted points, coincides the patch releases.
  • [Map] - Decreased the post threshold to one.
24/03/15 12:40

26th January 2015

  • [Map] - Road layer altered to take into account newly discovered roads and old ones improved.
  • [Map] - Place names layer altered to take into account newly discovered places based on community feedback.
  • [Website] - Lots of changes to the website, functionality to convert latlng to XY and vice versa.
  • [Website] - Created a Patch Notes page to provide an update resource of content change in the game.
24/03/15 12:38

24th January 2015

  • [Upload Manager] - Created v0.1 of the windows support tool entitled H1Z1 Upload Manager. Supports /loc copying
  • [Map] - Base layer texture altered to include main bodies and various streams
  • [Map] - Road and Place Names Layer applied.
  • [Website] - Extended the db to accommodate over 24 categories and 350+ sub categories.
24/03/15 12:37

22nd January 2015

  • [Map] - Updated the map following a user from Reddit Vanulabs releasing a Hires version (Source)
24/03/15 12:36

20th January 2015

  • [Website] - Basic website released with a searchable map.
  • [Website] - Basic Interface added to the map to allow POI submission
  • [Website] - Defined 11 initial categories for searching
  • [Map] - Based on an orginal design by a good friend of ours Tiberious88
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