04/03/17 10:16

KotK Test Server Update 3rd March 2017

You may have noticed that we've been making consistent updates to the Test Server all week. We've been working on an update that is entirely focused on quality of life bug fixes, and we need your help testing them out! Please let us know if you encounter any of these issues while on the Test Server so that we can iron out any remaining edge cases. The Test Server will be open for business today from 12PM to 2PM PT, and the devs will be online and ready to be hunted down! Plus, join us for a special early edition of Community Outbreak at 12:30PM PT where we'll be hosting a Test Server Smash.

Desync Issues

Door desync: We identified and fixed a few issues that could cause doors to appear open for one player but closed for another. We will evaluate if these fixes represent a comprehensive solution, or if players on the Test Server continue to encounter the issue.

Vehicle passenger desync: There was a similar desync issue where a player could be in a vehicle but appear out of the vehicle to an onlooker. We've deployed a potential solution and will continue to investigate if there are any other fixes that need to be made.

Reload Improvements

There was an issue where interrupting a gun reload at the beginning of the animation could cause the gun to fire a ghost bullet and reload again. We've submited another potential fix as well as set up some additional logging to help collect more data when reloads fail. Definitely let us know if you encounter a reload issue on Test!

Vehicles Exploding

Players who die immediately before being struck by a vehicle should no longer cause that vehicle to explode. The team is working on updating The Arena with a number of object and collision fixes to further reduce unexpected vehicle explosions; however, that won't be ready for this Test build (or the next Live update).


We take exploits very seriously and jump on them as quickly as we can. Thank you to everyone who has sent videos and repro information for these - it's very, very helpful and allows us to diagnose and respond faster. If you're familiar with these, please go ahead and try to do them on Test and send us your feedback!
  • Running at full speed while aiming down the weapon sights
  • Hiding particle effects
  • Skipping prone-to-stand animation
  • Throwing infinite grenades

Additional Bug Fixes
  • Cleaned up an issue where you could get stuck moving (without auto-run enabled) while the Inventory is open
  • Fixed another edge case that could cause Turbo to get stuck on
  • Smoke grenades now have a much longer render distance
  • Bleed effect should no longer appear through smoke

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27/02/17 11:04

JS Test Server Update 27th Feb 2017


We've updated and unlocked Test with a few fixes. Please hop on Test and let us know what you think when you get a chance.
  • Server Timer optimizations - these optimizations will improve performance of bases, vehicles, cooking containers, and explosives
  • Additional Crash to Desktop fixes
  • Navigation optimizations - these optimizations will improve performance of NPCs
  • Ongoing fair-play/exploit countermeasures and anti-cheat logging tools
  • Wolf speed reverted to previous speed
  • Punji sticks work properly for all zombies (previously they were causing issues for certain zombies upon death)

We have been testing these optimizations on internal clones of the worst-performing base servers and have seen significant improvements.

As always, please provide any feedback on Test in the source thread below.
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15/02/17 12:41

JS Game Update 14th February 2017

[UPDATE: Feb 14th - 8:55AM PST]


We have updated and unlocked the Live servers! Please note that this Live promotion also includes a server wipe.

This patch is a comprehensive QOL update with MANY individual bug fixes and new features:

  • New lighting and light emitter effects (darker nights/interiors and better looking light emitter effects. Keep that flashlight handy!)
  • New zombie navigation system (zombies are smarter and more aggressive)
  • New low-loot servers: Deadwood - Low Loot (US) and Sparta - Low Loot (EU) have low-loot rule sets for players looking for a more desperate survival experience.
  • Visitor permissions are now automatically granted to anyone who successfully enters a code on a base door
  • Lead Pipes now melt down into Lead Alloy
  • Cooking containers now have maximum bulk limits
  • Changed the way ammo spawns to reduce clumping (please note: this did not reduce total ammo spawns or change loot quantities)
  • Chain link fences can now be destroyed with melee weapons

  • Changed the way certain dynamic objects render to improve client performance
  • New base-building component optimizations to improve client performance
  • Optimized timer-based items to improve their performance (cooking containers, IEDs, crops, etc.) to improve server performance
  • Changed the way crops render to improve client performance
  • Improved zombie navigation (in addition to zombies behaving better, they're also now handled more efficiently)

  • Continued and ongoing fair-play/exploit countermeasures
  • Fixed an exploit where people could turn in hospital air drop quests without removing all of the quest items from their inventory
  • Wrenches now lose durability when hitting vehicle tires
  • Fixed an exploit where players could clip through upper shelter walls by mashing several movement+stance keys at once
  • Furnaces placed on ramps and expansions will now take damage correctly
  • Players can no longer place torches on decks they do not own
  • Punji sticks no longer damage players through doors
  • Players can no longer glitch doors and gates to build them backwards
  • Fixed an issue where players could overlap certain base building items by building them over base gaps

  • Fixed Emotes (emotes stopped working for people on a per account basis)
  • Fixed several crash-to-desktop conditions
  • Fixed an issue where timer-based items could take significantly longer than they should to cook/detonate/grow
  • Fixed an issue where you could get your gun into a state where it appeared to be loaded but would instead fire a blank round
  • Corn mash now converts to moonshine correctly
  • Fixed a fertilizer bug where it would expire before the crop was ready to harvest
  • Fixed a bug with crumpled notes where dropping them would turn them into a battered trash can
  • Base ejection no longer ejects white-list server admins from a base if they don’t have base permissions
  • Fixed a bug where vehicles would slowly migrate in water
  • Fixed an issue where targeting the edge of a deck wouldn’t bring up the building permissions list
  • Shock trap FX will now play every time a player triggers a trap instead of just the first time
  • Fixed an issue where punji sticks would deal inconsistent damage
  • Updated various tool tips to better explain functionality and specific recipes
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s head could disappear permanently after backing into a corner in third person POV
  • Fixed an issue where the flashlight would switch off after backing into a corner
  • Fixed an issue where clouds would pop/stutter
  • Fixed an issue where clouds would rapidly expand and contract
  • Fixes BBQ/furnace rendering FX issues
  • Fixed various issues with new zombie navigation interfering with CQC/player interactions
  • Fixed an issue with the machete not melting down properly
  • Temporarily removed night vision goggles until they can be properly redesigned (previous incarnation did not function as expected)

Everyone got a peek at just a few of the things we're working on for 2017 last week during our Community Outbreak stream and I'd like to thank everyone for coming out and contributing to the conversation(s) here on Reddit. We're seeing some really good feedback on what we showed off that's also fueling internal conversations here about how we'll show off new content in future streams.

There's an intersection point ahead of us where we'll finally be able to flip to the second part of the mantra, "Fix now. Cool later." While it might feel like it's taking forever to get there for some of you, it's important to remember that it *will* happen. We have to fix the foundation of JS before we can make good on those plans for all of you, and extensive QOL updates like this one today will make that possible.

I'll start a new Live Issues thread later today to start capturing new things you're seeing. Your feedback is always amazing and the entire team here hopes you keep that up. I said this in the Test update thread last week but it bears repeating: we don't get a chance to reply to everything, but we do read every single thing posted here. I love this community's enthusiasm and hope that these updates mean as much to you as they do to us. It is not lost on us just how important this game is to all of you. I hope our dedication to you with updates like this demonstrates just how important the game is to us, too.

Thanks for your continued patience and support. We hope you enjoy the update!

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13/02/17 11:07

Wipe Incoming this week PURGE MODE

Hello Survivors!

After the progress we have made this weekend towards issues reported on Test, we expect a wipe and Live update this week.

JS Test is being updated as we speak with what we hope is our final push before updating the Live servers.

We know many players have been desiring a wipe, and so we wanted to let you know as soon as the decision was made.

We have temporarily used an experimental system to crank up the loot on all LIVE servers. Please let us know what you think!

Please report issues on Test in the Test thread here:
https://www.reddit.com/r/h1z1/comments/ ... _feb_10th/

And please check out the live stream from Friday and the Reddit discussion here : https://www.reddit.com/r/h1z1/comments/ ... ruary_10th

An older version of this thread was here:
https://www.reddit.com/r/h1z1/comments/ ... this_week/

Thank you!
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13/02/17 11:05

JS Test Server Update 10th Feb 2017

[UPDATE - Feb 13th 2:44PM PST]

In preparation for the pending Live update and wipe, we've updated Test with a few final fixes that we'd like to get some eyes on. If you get a chance, please hop on Test and help us verify these things!

Right now, we're planning on pushing Live tomorrow AM. Please be aware that Live will be for a few hours as we do this. I estimate we'll unlock Live sometime between 7AM and 10AM PST and I will post a new Live update when that happens with complete patch noes.

In the meantime, here are the issues we addressed over the weekend:
  • Zombies intersecting the player when rushing at them, causing issues with melee
  • Zombies falling through ramps when chasing players into bases
  • Player's head disappearing permanently if they hide their head by backing into a corner and toggling FPS/3PS
  • Metal Shard description mirrored wood log description
  • Crops function as expected now, but there are some aesthetic issues that may occur if/when you log out

Thanks again for all your help - be sure to check out Live before the update as we're trying a new Purge Mode pre-wipe that Michael details here.

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11/02/17 01:16

Community Outbreak 10th Feb Replay

11/02/17 01:02

Just Survive New Map Design

At the end of today's Community Outbreak stream the guys surprised viewers by announcing that a new map is being developed solely for Just Survive.

They fronted up a concept piece of artwork which portrayed a mountain range with a cascading river rushing through the middle. To the fans delight they then switched to a game session and surprised the viewers by showing that work had already commenced and they were a solid way into the development.
**NEW MAP** in Development solely for the Just Survive community, already moved from concept https://t.co/fmXMoZVWsv @H1Z1JustSurvive

We are very excited about this new map and will keep an eye out for future updates :)

If you missed today Community Outbreak stream check it out.

Source: Twitter
11/02/17 12:59

Modular Base Building Update

New base building system being developed, much more modular and customisable, initial 3 tier support, bigger foundations. @H1Z1JustSurvive

Source: Twitter
11/02/17 12:57

New Melee Design Being Impemented

New melee design being implemented, much more intuitive and able to target multiple enemies at once.

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10/02/17 05:49

JS Community Outbreak Live stream 3PM Feb 10th


We didn't forget about this, I promise. In fact, the team's been talking about it a lot over the last month and we finally realized that if we did a complete reveal of everything we have planned for 2017, it'd be a 10-hour stream! I know a lot of people would actually enjoy a marathon show, but in the interest of focusing on key features we're going to segment things out over the next several streams instead.

This Friday at 3PM PST, JS Lead Game Designer Ben Jones will sit down with Senior Game Designer Justin Dazet and special guest, BruceLeeRob to discuss a number of new things. We'll talk about the new and greatly improved melee system, Strongholds (base building like you've not seen it before in JS), and we just might reveal a surprise at the end of the show. You've all been incredibly patient these past few months and deserve to see what we're up to! As always, we'll be happy to answer as many questions as we can so please come prepared.
Be sure to tune in: https://www.twitch.tv/h1z1justsurvive

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