Following up on my previous base building post, I thought I'd share some of the newer things we're trying out.

First, we're expanding the some of the concept of "secured area" from a single enclosed structure to having a "secured perimeter" of your base. Before I outline this, I want to stress that part of this got to Test, and part didn't. It is broken on Test right now, until our next Test build. We know it. It's not working as we want it to.

The basic problem is, even though we work constantly to eliminate noclippers (as is evidenced by our repairing several exploits used to clip into bases just this week), it has been a semi-common occurrence up until now. So, anytime anyone has their base raided, and the gate is intact, they immediately scream "no-clippers! cheaters!" to both reddit and our C.S. department. It doesn't matter if their base is built against a hill, someone jumped an off-roader off some nearby geometry, or folks made a human pyramid on a car's hood to get in. The perception is now "no-clipper", even when that is not the case.

For now, we need to remove as many advantages for people that exploit or no-clip into a base as we can. Unfortunately, this affects folks who "sandbox" in, using clever strategies. We're currently (and I do mean that, there's a meeting today) working on our plans for base building improvements and scheduling. We'll be addressing where permission lists (likely based on Clans) fit into our schedule, as well as how to improve the efficiency of both sending the base components to clients (net efficiency), and rendering efficiency. We have some great ideas for both of these areas ... we just have to find out where they fit in the schedule.

SO, the current change:

The sockets you attach walls and gates to on a deck, tamper, and extender are labeled as "perimeter walls". If there is a wall or closed gate in every perimeter wall socket that is exposed (i.e. on the outside of the base's "shape"), the foundation is deemed to be "secured". When secured, only people on the access list (group) can open containers, or damage interior structures. As soon as the very first gate is opened or destroyed, or a wall is brought down, the perimeter is considered "breached", and there are no limitations to interior damage, and only the secured structures (interior shacks, etc) with doors offer protection at that point.
Source: Reddit