Daybreak have commented on the communties anger at not receiving keys due to an issue.
There was a visual complication with the spinner in the crate opening screen. We just published a small hotfix that you will see when next launching H1Z1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention; all of your reports continue to help us make changes and fix issues as they are identified.

To avoid confusion until we are able to fix the visual display, we will be removing the spinner from the opening screen and simply displaying the item you received. Players who opened a crate from the time the patch went live on 10/14 through today at 2:00PM Pacific, will be granted another key of that type for every crate opened within this timeframe. Your keys will be granted to you with our next publish on Tuesday. While the number of those affected was small, we want to make sure we’re doing right by you guys.

If you have any additional concerns please direct them to our customer service department. Support tickets can be opened here:
Source: Reddit