Shock has taken to Reddit to explain some details of the new changes to the crate system, he also goes on to show us some of the new exciting skins coming in the new Mercenary Crate.
Hey everyone!
I wanted to give you all a heads up on some changes in this next patch. We’re making adjustments to the way our crate system works.

Since the beginning, crates have been an evolving feature in H1Z1, and the Mercenary Crate is one more step in that process. Looking at our own past experiences, talking to the community and taking learning’s from the industry as a whole, we are making a few tweaks to the crate system. In doing so, Mercenary Crate items will only be available to be traded on the Steam Marketplace, meaning you can post them for trade but you will not be able to list them for sale. You will still have the option to sell the unopened crates, including the Mercenary Crate on the Steam Marketplace. This change does not affect previous crates.

To coincide with the new crate system, we’re introducing the H1Z1 Item Exchange. This is a new way of obtaining rare items by converting others you no longer want. You’ll be able to feed multiple items of the same rarity into the Item Exchange, and in turn create an item of higher rarity. We’ll have a much more detailed explanation of the H1Z1 Item Exchange soon and will address any questions from the community during a livestream on Thursday, Oct. 8 at 11AM on

As a title in Early Access with the ultimate goal of becoming a multiplatform game, we are learning and adapting for the long-term health of the game and community. Looking ahead, we know this change is in the game’s best interest. If you have further questions about the way the new system works, post below.
The Mercenary Crate is our latest crate. I’m sure most of you will agree that it’s one of our coolest crate releases yet! I’m not going to go into details but check this link out! See some of the new items here!

Source: Reddit
Image Source: Imgur