All servers will be unavailable beginning at 3 AM PT (10 AM GMT) for maintenance to introduce a game update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately 4 hours.
  • The Scrapyard feature has been enabled again which will allow players to turn duplicate and unwanted items into Scrap and obtain new items.
  • If you are wearing a hoodie and equip a helmet, the hoodie will automatically go down so that the helmet is easily visible.
Infernal Crate:
  • The Infernal Crate is now available! Brand new ghastly items are avaialable to scare up some new looks for your character!
  • Players occupying the same space will now take damage from incoming fire properly
  • First Time Event (FTE) popups should only occur in training now
  • Bullet icons were redone to make it more obvious which rounds of ammo you have in your inventory
  • Reloading will always be interrupted by other game actions like healing and looting. Opening doors will still be possible while reloading.
  • Flora settings can now be correctly set to low, medium, and high.
  • Shift dropping a partial stack from your inventory will no longer lock the inventory screen
  • Left click looting a stack will now loot the entire stack
  • Some users were experiencing frame drops when using the inventory. This was due to high DPI mice and has been fixed
  • Some items were being duped in your inventory when skinning in it, that has been fixed
  • Some laminated body armor was disappearing from your inventory when you were already equipped with makeshift armor, this has also been fixed
  • Muting voice chat in Fort Destiny will no longer incorrectly mute voice chat everywhere
  • If you need to switch regions within the UI, you should no longer end up in an unresponsive state
  • There was a bug causing player’s crate inventories to change when switching regions, that should be consistent now

Source: Daybreak's Website