Servers will be coming down for general maintenance tomorrow morning starting at 4AM Pacific. The H1Z1 Update will take place during this downtime. H1Z1 servers will come back online at approximately 9AM Pacific

Patch Notes:

Building Bar:

  • The build bar is opened from the inventory panel by a button on the lower left that says Build or the ‘B’ hotkey
  • If you change the hotkey the button should reflect this.
  • The build bar shows recipes and items you can build with.
  • Items with no objects to place are alpha’d fifty percent.
  • The items are separated by categories.
  • If you click the red button or an item with no objects to place it shows the items in that category.
  • If you click an item with objects to place it starts placing them until you run out or hit escape.
  • The items sort on the number of objects to place unless you select one then that one stays in the category frame.

Game Fixes:

  • The Cigar Hog mask skin now applies to Motorcycle Helmets. This means the cigar hog mask will also have armor on it.
  • Fire hydrants have new effects that should better communicate the state they are in (ready to hit for water/ready to collect water/out of water).
  • Honey and honeycomb can no longer be eaten when at stage 6+ H1Z1.
  • Fixed door and gate ownership bug
  • Zombie Encounter music is active and the volume can be adjusted in the Sound Settings un Music/Encounter
  • Item stacking in containers has been fixed
  • New Male Zombie model and more visual variety has been added to the zombie horde
  • Specimen bags should drop more often
  • Changed Australia BR Solo to start at 40 instead of 100
  • It should no longer be possible to place objects on top of weapons dropped on the ground.
  • Many placed items on PVE servers are now damageable when those objects are not placed on a foundation.
  • Punji Sticks will now damage all zombies.
  • The Fire Axe can now be used to harvest slain wildlife and zombies.

Green Dawn is live

More information about Green Dawn can be found here:

Showdown Crate

  • This new crate can be earned while playing Battle Royale or Survival. It is on a separate timer from the other crates, so during this limited time you can earn up to three crates a week
  • Daybreak will donate .50 cents to charity for each Showdown Crate key sold

Source: Reddit