Servers will be coming down at 3AM PST (12/22) for approximately 2 hours. Battle Royale servers will lock at 2AM PST

Version, Steam Content 909309

Patch Notes:

  • Military Base and Hospital items now respawning
  • Fixed the Craft Max bug
  • skinning timers are now all the same
  • changes made to allow skinning of various helmets and motorcycle helmets that couldn’t be skinned previously.
  • Added armor to holiday helmets with correct durability.
  • Rendering fix for ghillie suit leaf edges and hair shadows.
  • Fixed issue when you have a Ground Tamper -> Wooden Deck base, you could not place ground-placed objects (such as furnaces) on the deck
  • Fixed issue that would cause Loot Caches to seem unresponsive or provide incorrect prompt.

Source: Reddit