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Release Notes
  • Added a recipe for a sleeping mat. This can be placed and rested on. Currently it is using a mattress model while a custom model is in the works. This is not a spawn point like in Rust
  • The Police Car has an upgraded interior for an enhanced driving and passenger experience in first person.
  • Well Rested duration has been doubled
  • Fixed issue with not being able to pick up handcuff keys
  • Very Tired and Exhaustion no longer slows down your movement. It only drains stamina at increased rates
  • You can now rest on the firehouse cots
  • Rest timer reduced to 20 seconds
  • Fixed issue where you can use a mansport backpack skin on a military backpack. You can only skin other mansport backpacks now
  • Health drain from Dehydrated and Starving has been slightly increased
  • The white T-shirt now has the correct icon
  • Your character will start breathing heavier the lower your stamina gets. NOTE: Animations will come soon
  • Added Molotov Cocktails. Hint: recipe involves moonshine
  • Player speed is now reduced while moving in water.
  • Battle Royale: Emotes should now work again
  • There is now an extra tab in the center part of your inventory window that says: "Group"
  • You can check the "Do Not Group" to prevent notifications and will auto-decline invites.
  • If you are not in a group then "Disband" and "Kick" are disabled.
  • If you are in a group and not the leader then "Invite" is disabled and "Kick" says "Quit"
  • Type somebody’s name and hit invite and they will receive a notification
  • Your group members names over their heads will be in green.
Bee Boxes
  • You can now discover the recipe for and, build, and place bee boxes. After being placed, the bees will immediately get to work. Over time they will create up to five full honeycombs. These can be taken out and eaten, but are more useful if empty bottles are used to collect honey from them. When honeycomb and empty water bottles are both in the bee box, the honey will drain into the bottle after a short period of time. This will produce not only a bottle of honey, but also wax as a byproduct.
  • Honeycomb will continue being produced until there are either five honeycombs or ten honey bottles inside of it.
  • If you damage a bee box, the bees will retaliate.
What can you do with all this bee stuff?
  • Honeycomb – Eat it, keep it in the bee box to drain the honey from it.
  • Honey – Eat it for gains to endurance, stamina, and energy. Honeycomb gives the same resources but at a lower value than raw honey.
  • Dressed Bandages – Combine five bandages with a bottle of honey to create dressed bandages. These bandages heal for a bit more and a bit longer than bandages alone.
  • Wax – Make candles. The candles can be placed, and after lighting them they will burn for a couple of days. They have a few different models that it switches between so you can see them melting down over time.

Source: Reddit