The servers will be down at 5:00am Pacific for approximately 2 hours

There will be a player/world wipe during this time.

Patch Notes:
  • Heavy clouds and rain have been added alongside fog
  • Military Checkpoints and Camp Bastion have been added to the map.
  • Grenades can now be thrown by clicking the left mouse button only. You no longer have to hold down the right mouse button first. Throwing a grenade will now automatically reload another grenade from your inventory if you have it.
  • A unique reticle was added to the bow while aiming.
  • New Vigilante Crate
  • Tweaked the handling of grenades some more and added new first-person animations. Throwing grenades should feel improved.
  • Removed the dot reticle from ironsights on all guns (bows not affected)
  • Bear behavior has been tweaked so they are a little bit more reasonable. While they are still deadly escape should now be a possibility.
  • Team Battle Royale will remain on the Test Server while we iron out a few more issues

Game Fixes:
  • First Person Servers and HCBR no longer show the camera inside the player character driving vehicles.
  • Adjusted the ironsights on the AR-15 and AK47
  • Fixed a bug with tree shadows sometimes not rendering in a halo around the player.
  • Fixed exploit where player could hide in tree by exiting a vehicle.

Thank you for all your reports of bugs on the Test Server. We were able to get some into this patch and we will continue to work out the more difficult ones this week and patch them in.

Source: Reddit