Hey guys/gals
Just wanted to give you all a heads up on what’s happening here in development. We decided today that we need get in some quality cleanup time for the game. We’ve been rapidly moving along for weeks now and we’ve left a significant amount of dust behind. Time to tidy up!

Ok…Get to the point here…….
First off, we’re not going dark. Instead, we have a bunch of stuff we’re going to iterate on and publish to the TEST server as they’re fixed/ adjusted. We’ll move these changes to the live servers in the same manner. When we feel the test server is stable, we’ll push it live the next morning. I can’t guarantee specific live publish dates for this, but they will happen as often as possible.

What does this do to the Road Map?
Tasks are going to get pushed. Is this a bad thing? Nope. Sometimes you just have to stop and breathe a bit. Keep in mind, not everyone on the team will be consumed with this cleanup task. Some things will still come online as scheduled. Don’t expect a specific list for these two weeks though but rest assured we are focusing on big things like the memory leak and hydrations bugs. Thanks to your reports we have made good headway on them already. Every time we publish, we’ll provide you with player facing changes (as usual) the night before. We want to keep this as flexible as possible.

To begin with, we’ll have a 2 hour downtime tomorrow morning at 5:00AM to fix a few back end issues. We also fixed an issue with Boots and Shoes skinning incorrectly.
We’ve heard from you loud and clear and we agree, it’s time to get some of the core gameplay issues sorted. Keep your eyes here on reddit and social channels to stay up to date regarding these updates.

Source: Reddit