Looks like we forced Daybreak to announce this early, but it would seem another event has arrived. I'm sure we all hope that this doesn't affect survival as much as the previous Invitational.
Some of you have already seen the data-mined information around the H1Z1 Showdown crate. I wanted to jump in here and provide some context to go along with it. We hope to have a lot more information for you this Friday, but since there are so many questions about the piece of this that was uncovered, I wanted to provide you with some info about what’s going on.

After the H1Z1 Invitational we got a lot of feedback from the community that they would like to see more events like it. We came up with the H1Z1 Showdown as a way to incorporate players and streamers into a remote event that we will host here at Daybreak. We are creating several whitelist servers for team leaders to run their own weekly Battle Royale matches. Between now and the event in December, those team leaders will choose their top players to compete in the H1Z1 Showdown.

We heard your feedback from the Invitational and wanted to find a way to get more of the community involved. One of the teams will be Team Reddit and that will be run by one of the mods here. Other teams will be run by streamers. We will also be watching the stats on the top Battle Royale players between now and the event and inviting them to participate in the event too. So if you aren’t associated with a particular team, you will still have an opportunity to participate in the H1Z1 Showdown. So get out there and earn as many wins and kills as you can muster!

The H1Z1 Showdown crate will be dropping in Survival and Battle Royale. It’s got unique skins themed for the Showdown and each of the team captains. For every H1Z1 Showdown Crate key purchased from 11/10 to 12/12, Daybreak will be donating 50 cents to charity, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $40,000. We are finalizing our contract with them now but it’s a foundation that we here at Daybreak truly believe in and one we hope the community will rally behind. Expect to see more on that charity as more information about the Showdown comes out.

We will have a lot more information about the H1Z1 Showdown in the coming days so keep your eyes open for it.
Source: Reddit