The servers will be coming down tonight at 3AM for 2 hours to accommodate these fixes from today's patch.

Patch Notes:
  • Zombie Spawn calculation fixed
  • Ammo for new guns now spawns
  • The shotgun shell recipe no longer gives you a shotgun
  • You can no longer repair vehicles with bandages
  • Some issues regarding stamina are now resolved
  • Fixed Bleeding issue in Battle Royale
  • You can no longer loot vehicle items from cars in Battle Royale Box of Destiny
For those of you wondering why people are still able to build structures in certain locations, Adam Clegg has this to say...
"The team is looking at the bug and it seems like you can only still place buildings on parking lots since they use a different material set than the normal asphalt that's everywhere else. The team is about to push the hotfix soon that will fix zombies, bleeding bug and stamina bug as well as other fixes. A fix for this wont make that build unfortunately. The team is going to work on fixing this issue asap."