Hey everyone!

I just got back from a 2 week vacation and wanted to get a grip on what the main issues are.

We are working on getting the BR rewards out to everyone who did not receive them. They are stored on our backend so players who won BR will still receive them. That should start rolling out a little later this week. We are also aware of some desyncing issues going on in BR and survival that cause players to appear to be walking in air and other wackiness. This is also an issue the team is working to correct even as I type this.

What else is out there? Like always try and be as specific as possible so we can re-create it on our end and look at the logs. If you see someone else has already posted your bug, give them an upvote. This isn't a popularity contest, we want the biggest bugs to rise to the top.

Thanks and it's good to be back!

Source: Reddit