Hey Everyone!

We are going to be having another Ignition playtest weekend on the King of the Kill Test Server.

You will also notice a change in the way you interact with the safe zone circles. After the detonation timer reaches zero you will now be locked in the circle for an additional 30 seconds. After this time players are able to advance to the next ring. This continues until the last ring which has a 90 second lock. When the rings are locked, it will have a visual change that is more ominous and clear as to what you are supposed to do.

With this push to the Test Server you will also notice this list of changes:
  • Improved weapon hit detection
  • The Camera will be forced into First Person when Scoped (Hunting Rifle, Crossbow)
  • Bombing runs have been re-tuned and should cause less chaos
  • Toxic gas should be less dense/opaque
  • ATV has been re-tuned for better handling
  • Ignition: Spawning is improved (no more spawning in trees, should spawn on flat ground more consistently)
  • Ignition: Less blinding transition between BoD and game
  • Ignition: Players should no longer “kill yourself with a fists.”
  • Kevlar is now called Body Armor
  • Fixed issue where AK-47 would sometimes keep firing during reload
  • Fixed issue where Rifles can poke through objects and shoot players on the other side
  • Fixed issue where first-person camera can shake or lag when riding as a passenger in a vehicle
  • Mute-All functionality should persist through log-ins
  • Fixed several issues with Spectate Mode including mouse-wheel functionality

If you do take the time to jump onto the test server please keep you feedback for everything related in this thread. Thanks!

Source: Reddit