Incorrect road signs don't tally with what the map is showing us.

The road signs suggest that Magpie Road isn't placed where it currently is and in fact that road is labelled North Greenhorn Road.

Magpie Road according to the current road signs, traverses through the middle of The Villas Development replacing the need for a collection of smaller roads.

  • Corner of Magpie and Condor (Screenshot shows Magpie Rd and N. Greenhorn)
  • Corner of Eagle Drive and Magpie Road at Eastwood Stop (Screenshot shows Magpie Rd and N. Greenhorn)
  • Corner of Bluebird St and Eagle Drive (Screenshot shows Magpie Rd)
  • Harrier Close and Eagle Drive Intersection at The Villas Dev (Screenshot shows Magpie Rd)
  • Corner of Nova St and Magpie Rd (Screenshot shows Nova St and N. Greenhorn Rd)

Raised on the Tracker: HZ-4544