First things first. We’re not dead. :) We do take holidays with our families when we get the chance to do so, especially when we’ve been cranking away these past few months. I apologize that we don’t always get to reply to everything as fast as everyone would like but I want you to all know that we’re just as engaged and enthusiastic about the next major update as we've always been. I know that silence can often feel like a lack of progress to everyone, but I’m also sensitive to striking the right balance between too much talk (and the subsequent speculation that can often cause) and not enough.

I know a lot of you are eager to see what we have up our sleeve and the good news is that you’ll get to see everything much sooner than you likely thought. Everything new that we’re working on (new map, the new Strongholds system, the new modular base building system, improved melee, new itemization, etc) will first hit Test. When is that going to happen? I can now officially announce that we will update Test in June. I can’t give you an exact date, but we'll update everyone here the moment that's about to happen.

As for a teaser of some sort…I think we can put something together. Let me see what I can do.

In the meantime, here's a shot we took in-game this morning.

I’ll also leave you with this for now: the new map is called Badwater Canyon.

Source: Reddit