[UPDATE - Feb 13th 2:44PM PST]

In preparation for the pending Live update and wipe, we've updated Test with a few final fixes that we'd like to get some eyes on. If you get a chance, please hop on Test and help us verify these things!

Right now, we're planning on pushing Live tomorrow AM. Please be aware that Live will be for a few hours as we do this. I estimate we'll unlock Live sometime between 7AM and 10AM PST and I will post a new Live update when that happens with complete patch noes.

In the meantime, here are the issues we addressed over the weekend:
  • Zombies intersecting the player when rushing at them, causing issues with melee
  • Zombies falling through ramps when chasing players into bases
  • Player's head disappearing permanently if they hide their head by backing into a corner and toggling FPS/3PS
  • Metal Shard description mirrored wood log description
  • Crops function as expected now, but there are some aesthetic issues that may occur if/when you log out

Thanks again for all your help - be sure to check out Live before the update as we're trying a new Purge Mode pre-wipe that Michael details here.

Source: Reddit