JS Test has been updated.

There are numerous new features on JS Test. To learn more about them, or to provide feedback on these features, please use the Welcome to Badwater Canyon thread.

Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test.

In addition to all of the new features found in this update, we've also fixed many recent/legacy bugs:

  • Cars are no longer infinitely harvestable
  • Fixed "drone" exploit
  • Fixed "snaking" exploit
  • Fixed an additional navigation exploit
  • Fixed loot spawns not respecting loot caps (ie, over time, dozens of laminated armors would spawn instead of the desired number)
  • Fixed loot spawn "creep" or "repopulation" (ie, loot quantities do not change or increase the longer a server is up)
  • Fixed an issue where cars would fall through foundation decks and be buried under bases
  • Fixed an exploit where players could punch trees to harvest them
  • Fixed an issue with the UI toggle function not working. Now you can press Ctrl-F10 to toggle the UI
  • Fixed an issue where certain items/weapons (mostly melee weapons) would not render in first person
  • Fixed an issue where vehicles could be boosted while their engine was off, draining their gas
  • Fixed an exploit with wrenches
  • Fixed an issue where players could be erroneously kicked out of an empty vehicle after entering it
  • Fixed an exploit where certain emotes could be used to clip the camera through a wall
  • Fixed an issue where quick attack was hardcoded to a key despite no longer being an intended feature / available to keybind
  • Fixed an issue where players jumping on bases would sometimes be killed by bad collision intersections with the roof
  • Fixed several CTD scenarios
  • Performance optimizations
  • Ongoing anti-cheat / anti-exploit countermeasures

Known Issues Include:
  • Some harvesting effects missing
  • Some map objects are floating/clipping (please help us track all of these down by reporting with location-specific screenshots)
  • Some locations have strange zombie behavior (walking on water / floating / getting stuck on invisible walls / losing track of the player - these are location specific, please help us track these down with location-specific screenshots)
  • Stronghold / Fortification death effects are sometimes missing or misaligned
  • Undo doesn't work for some base objects (like Tank Traps)
  • Some loot item visuals are incorrect (ie, a green shirt may be orange on the ground)
  • Various other graphical / audio effects are incomplete
  • Swapping inventory items to your active weapon slot will require you to change active weapons (ie, press a different number key) to use the weapon
  • Some crafting or item balance inconsistencies (ie, bear sandwiches require 2 bread instead of 1)
  • Some base objects (ie, beeboxes) cannot be built in areas where it is expected they can be built / other items can be built
  • Extra / ghost weapons will appear on people's backs after dying or re-equipping items
  • Trap damage zones not matched to their models correctly (ie, barbed wire may take damage when nearby barbed wire without touching it)
  • In-world beds can't be used for sleeping in PVE servers
  • Sometimes the military base defenders get a bit over-zealous and fire a warning shot into new player spawns
  • Additional issues not listed here - while we are tracking hundreds of bugs and feature updates internally, we need your help to find them all! Please use this thread to report any issues you find.

When reporting an issue, please provide the following (you can copy/paste this as a handy template)

Summary: (brief sentence)
Reproduction Steps: (what did you do to arrive at the bug?)
Expected Outcome: (what do you believe should happen when you do the above?)
Actual Outcome: (what actually happened?)

To report a map/location issue, please do the following above, but also include a screenshot with the location information. To do this:

  • In-game, at the location you're reporting, type "/loc" in the chat window to spit out the X/Y/Z coordinates.
  • Press F12 to take a screenshot through steam.
  • Upload the screenshot to imgur.com (you don't need to create an account) and link it here

Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test!

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