Patch Notes for the 7/26 Update

Key Updates
  • Stash changes - The stash is now an embedded safe/lockbox, visible to all players when they are very close. It can be destroyed by other players, but will require a concerted effort. Stash usage is limited to owners, and only one stash may be owned at a time. The stash bulk capacity is 5000. The stash location is marked on the minimap with a shovel icon (this icon will be updated in a future update)
  • Fixed an issue where tools did not lose durability during use. Wrenches will now lose durability when repairing, pickaxes will lose durability when mining, etc.
  • Fixed an issue with Tier 0 and Tier 1 items spawning in slightly higher quantities than originally intended, which resulted in certain Tier 2+ items being unavailable.
  • Wrenches no longer spawn in PVE servers to prevent vehicle hoarding.
  • Wood Barricades can now be damaged on PVE servers.
  • Map updated with new locations, loot spawns, collision and AI navigation
  • Pistol bulk updated to 300

Stronghold Updates
  • Stronghold component hitpoints increased and resistances tuned
  • Stronghold components now regenerate over time when not under attack
  • Stronghold Plot prices increased to 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000
  • Added Stronghold item limit indicator to the permissions window. The item class limit of the item currently being built will also be displayed during the build process.
  • Fixed an issue where zombies could walk through Stronghold objects, including closed doors
  • Fixed an issue where players could not place fortifications on their Stronghold plot.
  • Added a display for the number of available Stronghold plots on the server browser.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to enter a Stronghold through login/logout abuse
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to destroy Stronghold components without triggering a raid
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes destruction fx would not play when destroying a Stronghold component during a raid
  • Players can no longer place traps or landmines on opposing Stronghold plots
  • Fixed an issue where Stronghold stairs could not be built between two walls with an offset doorway
  • Fixed an issue where Stronghold walls could not be built perpendicular to offset doorways
  • Added a notification that purchasing a Stronghold will abandon the previous Stronghold
  • Half-walls can now be placed on top of the third story of a Stronghold
  • Torches and candles can now be destroyed with the hammer - they do not return materials used when destroyed
  • Fixed an issue where Stronghold components destroyed via recursive destruction (ie, a 2nd floor wall that had the 1st floor wall underneath it destroyed) during demolition did not provide materials
  • Stronghold shield duration increased
  • Fixed an issue where punji sticks could be used to exploit through a Stronghold wall
  • Placing objects no longer causes the object to pulse during placement, which could cause placement errors
  • Fixed an issue where certain items wouldn't respawn on a Stronghold after a raid. Stronghold Utilities and Stronghold Components should all respawn at the end of an attack cycle. Traps do not respawn and must be reset manually by the defenders.

Additional Updates
  • Removed Proximity Crafting and Proximity Container Searching - The Proximity Items section of the inventory now only lists items that are out of containers
  • Fixed an issue where ground tillers could not be placed in most areas due to underground collision
  • Fixed a CTD when swapping ammo with the wooden bow
  • Fixed an exploit where emotes could be spammed to fast harvest items
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck at 100% hunger and stamina
  • Group members now render in matching colors for hud indicator chevrons, nameplates, and outlines.
  • Zombies no longer pick up the contents of a dead player's loot bag
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing an item in the military base when you did not have the available bulk to carry it would take your money without granting the item
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to slide along the ground appearing as a corpse
  • Updated loading screen tips
  • Unlocked and Locked crates now show in the top of the player inventory
  • Reduced bee damage
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to place land mines in the safe and protected zones
  • Players who attempt to equip a weapon in the safe zone receive a message indicating that they cannot equip the weapon
  • Wood chests and traps can be picked up by pressing and holding E
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to re-use gas canisters
  • Fixed an issue where the death screen would show the previous death's coin loss instead of the current loss
  • Added new foliage that can be harvested and spread out more rocks for harvesting
  • Healing items no longer work when out of bounds
  • Increased animal fat drop rate
  • Fixed an issue where the red killer outline would persist on the killer after the victim respawned
  • Fixed an issue where snare traps would automatically trigger upon arming
  • Fixed an issue where mashing the zoom on sniper rifles could cause the camera to get stuck behind the scope
  • Ammo swap is now bindable in the keybindings menu (default B)
  • Fixed an issue where the hammer glowed in the dark
  • Fixed an issue where players would fall when exiting a vehicle on an incline
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the name of an equipment slot in the inventory "paper doll" would cause the name to vanish
  • Fixed additional server crash scenarios
  • Fixed additional client crash scenarios
  • Prior updates can be found in the last JS Test thread here

When reporting an issue, please provide the following (you can copy/paste this as a handy template)

Summary: (brief sentence)
Reproduction Steps: (what did you do to arrive at the bug?)
Expected Outcome: (what do you believe should happen when you do the above?)
Actual Outcome: (what actually happened?)

To report a map/location issue, please do the following above, but also include a screenshot with the location information. To do this:

  • In-game, at the location you're reporting, type "/loc" in the chat window to spit out the X/Y/Z coordinates.
  • Press F12 to take a screenshot through steam.
  • Upload the screenshot to (you don't need to create an account) and link it here

Please use this thread to report bugs and issues found on JS Test!

Source: Reddit