[UPDATE - 6:11PM PST February 7th]

Just a quick update tonight to let you know that we've updated and unlocked Test with the following fixes. When you get a moment, please hop on Test and help us verify these things:

  • Fixed the flashlight switching off in interior close-quarter situations
  • Punching with the flashlight equipped now breaks boxes
  • Crop timing issues addressed (need to verify this over time on Test)

Please note that we are still investigating these issues (among others):

  • Zombie pathing issues
  • Punji sticks not behaving as expected
  • Cloud stutter
  • BBQ/Furnace fire FX

I'm not willing to compromise Live with anything less than a solid update. This might mean the push to Live doesn't happen until next week so we can address those things above. I can't stress this enough - we're not going to adversely affect Live just to say we got something out there sooner. If you're holding off on spending time on Live anticipating an update, please don't let that affect your play. :)

I think most people understand where we're coming from on this and appreciate why this is so important to get right. Thanks for your continued patience, folks.

I'll post again when we have more to update on Test.

Source: Reddit