Howdy Survivors!

We have another Test server update today. We expect at least one additional test server update before we push to Live and do not have an ETA for a Live update at this time.

The goal of this update is to improve stability and functionality of the game, there are no new major feature additions.

Please use this thread to report issues you experience with the Test version of the game.

This update includes the following fixes:
  • FIXED EMOTES – if emotes were broken for you on Test, please come to Test and verify that they are working correctly now. Emotes stopped working for people on a per account, per client type (Test vs Live) basis if they were active during a certain timeframe several months ago.
  • Lead pipes are now salvageable into metal bars
  • Fixed an additional base construction exploit (four total, including the three from the previous update)
  • Player Structures will now show health bars (these had vanished accidentally on the previous Test update due to our performance improvements)
  • Changed the way ammo spawns to reduce clumping. Should reduce the frequency of random “megahouses” full of ammo and lead to a more even distribution of ammo
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get your gun into a state where it appeared to be loaded but would instead fire a blank round
  • Improved roof pathing on experimental zombie navigation (found on experimental Test)
  • Ground Snow and Rain masking improvements
  • Improved Experimental Zombie Navigation to fix the majority of zombie-stuck-on-roof issues.
  • Cooking Container Update
  • Cooking Containers should no longer exhibit timing issues at scale
  • Changed Cooking Container functionality – Now cooking containers have bulk limits
  • Changed Cooking Container burning function - wood items produce charcoal (not ash like they did on the previous test update)
  • Fixed an issue where Cooking Containers did not consume fuel correctly

Plus it also includes these fixes from the previous JS Test Server Update. These updates went out on 1/20.

The original thread for the 1/20 update can be found here.

  • Fixed three separate base building exploit issues that caused issues with raiding and player interactions
  • Fixed several crash conditions
  • Fixed a bug where looking at the edge of decks wouldn't bring up the building permissions list
  • Fixed an exploit with the hospital air drops
  • Fixed an issue with corn mash not converting to moonshine correctly - moonshine should now be harvested correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where admins were removed from bases if they lack visitor permissions
  • Fixed an issue where dropping a crumpled note would mysteriously turn it into a battered trashcan
  • Fixed an issue with vehicles slowly migrating in the water when no one is in them
  • Fixed an issue where wet / snow ground effects would vanish and reappear
  • Experimental Zombie Navigation on Test Experimental - please provide any feedback you may have
  • Additional miscellaneous fixes
  • Improved performance by changing the way certain dynamic objects are rendered
  • Improved performance by updating base building items to use a new, lighter-weight system - Please report any issues you find with base building
  • Visitor permissions are automatically granted to anyone who successfully enters a code on a base door.
  • Removed night vision goggles

Thank you Survivors!

Source: Reddit