Hello Survivors!

We've got a test update this week. As many of you know, our last update to live was focused around server performance and stability. Those continue to be our focus and we have made performance improvements in today's update, as well as our update earlier this week. We hope to push these to Live as soon as we are confident in them. We have been testing these performance and optimization updates on internal clones of the worst-performing base servers and have seen significant improvements.

Here's the patch notes for tonight, Friday 3/3:
  • Significantly optimized base/npc server performance
  • Improved server multithreading performance
  • Fixed an issue that allowed particularly nimble players to dupe grenades
  • Fixed an issue with certain base configurations being potentially exploitable on defense
  • Additional CTD fixes
  • Ongoing fair-play / exploit countermeasures and anti-cheat logging tools
  • Cloudy and rainy days work - more on this below

It's no secret that we've been working on bringing weather to Just Survive. We've been continuing to work on rain and cloudy weather, and on JS Test you'll see a snapshot of where we are. Unfortunately, we ran into some issues with the rainy weather shortly before our deadline for this Test update, and given the major quality of life improvements this patch represents, we did not want to jeopardize getting this update out by adjusting or disabling rain. As such, expect to see some issues with the weather on some of the in-game days.

We will continue to work on weather throughout the weekend and hope to the issues with rain addressed soon.

Thank you!

Source: Reddit