[UPDATE] - 12:30PM PST December 16th
A few notes about our Test update last night:
  • Boosting - this is Test. We're simply Testing this. We're not committing to it for Live just yet. But this is where we get to, yes, TEST things we're thinking about. What I'd like people to do is spend the weekend with it, report your thoughts, and we'll make an informed decision early in the week. Fair enough?
  • Shock Traps - we have a fix that we'll be promoting to Test here in a few hours. This will take care of them going off forever (or having the effect of them going off after they've been used).
  • Loot spawn - we're listening. We'll continue to try and tweak but as many of you have reported, a small change here means big changes over there. It's not an elegant system (and something we plan to overhaul for our 2017 plans). But it's what we have to work with at the moment and we'll continue to tune it carefully with the feedback we receive.
  • Weather - lots of people have said "wait, you said fix now and add later!" And that's true. This is literally something we turned on. We didn't add it. We haven't tweaked it. We just thought it'd be cool to turn back on for you guys. Also, we wanted to see what kind of impact it had overall. There are no plans at the moment to promote this to Live.

Remember guys, this is Test. We're going to explore things here. We want your feedback at all times but please don't assume that something appearing on Test is an automatic thing for Live. Like I said in my producer letter a few weeks ago:

Good feedback here so far. Keep it coming!
What's new on Test?
  • Added new base permission: Visitor. Visitor permissions are required to be inside a closed base. Closing up your base with non-visitors inside will eject them from the base.
  • With the addition of the base permission above, non-visitor ejection should solve any unorthodox methods of base entry, including "boosting."
  • Fixed an issue with passenger desync/"cord pulling."
  • Base part optimizations. Megabases should be less taxing on performance. Please report any issues with any base components / structures.
  • Several CTD (crash to desktop) cases addressed.
  • Touching a moving vehicle in a base should no longer kill you.
  • Removed the Darko zombie and his "strange zombie has appeared" message and functionality.
  • Lastly: A surprise. Jump on and see for yourself.

As always, please report anything you run into on Test here on this thread. Thanks!

Source: Reddit