Sorry for the late post, everyone! Here's the release notes for the patch that will be out today.

Edit: Target up-time is still 1 pm Pacific. I'll try to update on Twitter if this changes.

  • Various health items have had model improvements
  • Jumping now costs a small amount of stamina
  • A strange zombie may appear...
  • Ammunition can now be salvaged out of inventory
  • Ammunition can now be crafted at the new Weapon Workbench
  • Crafting recipes involving gunpowder which previously used the Workbench now use the Weapon Workbench
  • Inverted vehicles can now be flipped back over via an interaction
  • Vehicles now require a Vehicle Key (rare drop) to start, otherwise they must be hotwired via an interaction with the Hotwire item in the vehicle’s inventory (Note that the Vehicle Key can be present in either vehicle, driver, or passenger inventories to bypass the hotwire process)
  • Baggy Blue Jeans can now be skinned
  • Lighter description no longer contains "Dev Note" text
  • Jagged Skinning Knife can now be picked up again after being dropped
  • Dead players will no longer spawn a zombie NPC
  • Various improvements were made to reduce the occurrence of players being pushed through geo to their deaths
  • Various improvements were made to reduce the occurrence of connection geo exploits

Source: Reddit