Hello fellow survivors!

My name is Justin (aka Mourde, pronounced “moored” if you’re interested) and I’m a Senior Systems Designer who recently joined the H1Z1: Just Survive team. Some of you may have already seen me posting on Twitter and Reddit, but for those of you who haven’t – hi! With an impending Just Survive update on the horizon I wanted to take a few minutes to review the changes you’ll be seeing. We’ve got a lot to go over. We’re bringing back a much-requested feature with some improved functionality, porting over some features originally developed for King of the Kill we think can add to the Just Survive experience, and we’ve got a couple bug fixes in there as well. So let’s dive on in and start with Bullet Crafting!

Bullet Crafting is back! Ammunition can now be salvaged for unique components with a right-click interaction from your inventory. These components can be used to discover recipes which will enable you to craft other bullet types. There is some loss built into this process though, so make sure you’re certain you don’t want that ammo before salvaging it! In addition, some will require additional parts beyond just what you gain from salvage. For example, shotgun shells take plastic (keep those empty water bottles handy…) and some of the more powerful ammunition will require metal scrap for assembly as well. To craft all these bullets you’re going to need to discover the recipe for the new Weapon Workbench. This will now be the go-to crafting table required for anything that’s using explosives or gunpowder. So, in addition to ammunition, other recipes like weapon disassembly and IEDs will require that you have proximity to this crafting table.

Moving on, we have ported the ignition/hotwire system from King of the Kill over to Just Survive. This means that any vehicles you find will have a new hotwire item present in the vehicle inventory. To start the engine, you’ll need to use a right-click interaction on the hotwire item, unless you’re lucky enough to have found one with a key! If the vehicle, you, or any of your passengers have a key with them, the vehicle will start right up. The real convenience of this is that you don’t need to spend time pulling the spark plugs anymore to keep your ride from getting jacked out from under you! Just keep your ears open for the hotwire sound (an engine attempting to turn over). If you hear that, hotfoot it back to your vehicle and blast that carjacker before they know what hit ‘em! For reference, your friendly neighborhood zombies also have a small chance of dropping a key, so keep your eyes open. One more small addition to vehicles - if you happen to end up upside-down, you can now exit the vehicle and interact with it to flip it back over. So commence the stunt jumps!

Beyond all this we’re chipping away at the bugs you’ve been reporting. While we regretfully are still working on a few base exploits, we have hit up some smaller quality of life issues. Baggy Blue Jeans for instance can now be skinned and we’ve updated a few miscellaneous item descriptions which had erroneous text in them (such as the Lighter). Also, if you drop the Skinning Knife, you can pick it up again. Finally, we’ve disabled dead players respawning as a zombie NPC. While the idea of this feature is sound, we’re not happy with its execution at this time. We’re taking it offline until such time as we can re-evaluate how it fits in to the bigger picture and ensure it’s working in a way that we’re happy with.

That’s all we’ve got for now, survivors. Thanks for playing!
Source: Daybreak's Website