[UPDATE: April 27th 6:26PM]

We've updated Live with a small hotfix to address a few issues:
  • We've restored the Airdrop Tickets UI. This was removed in error and there are no plans to change Airdrop Tickets or remove them from player's inventories.
  • Fixed an exploit with logging in and gates.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Leather Flannel Vest" and "Eagle Flannel Vest" that caused them to render incorrectly.
  • Live Servers have been wiped
  • Multiple fixes for a number of CTD scenarios, including a situation while placing doors on shacks while inside them crashed to desktop
  • Fixed an exploit where players could cause ethanol to float
  • Fixed a legacy bug that permitted an exploit that crashed servers. Fixing this has also given us a significant boost in overall server performance as it eliminated unnecessary tick cycles for redundant NPCs.
  • Several marketplace UI tweaks
  • Fixed an issue where you would crash to desktop when trying to join a second server after already playing on a different server
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s head would vanish when aiming down the sights while prone
  • Fixed an exploitable bug where players could log out on certain objects and log back in to find themselves inside the object
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to glitch into a sitting position while moving
  • Fixed an issue where anti-exploit code could falsely register and kill players jumping on rooftops
  • Gates now self-destruct when penetrating objects are present (please note that the following items will be destroyed, however: furnaces, storage containers, bee boxes, dew collectors, BBQs, wooden barricades, animal traps, barbed wire, punji sticks, workbenches, and weapon workbenches)
  • Fixed an issue with gates inadvertently blowing up when placed adjacent to valid walls
  • Recursive destruction has been enabled to help combat floating bases. Destroying the root object will destroy all objects attached to it (e.g., an upper shelter)
  • Ongoing specific exploit/cheating countermeasures
  • Our new JS crate 'Outlands' has been released

Source: Reddit