[UPDATE: March 31st 4:01PM PST]

We've updated Test with another quick fix we wanted to get in for the weekend.

  • Crowbars are no longer repairable. This was a bug that was allowing an unintentional harvest-able amount of scrap metal to be available to players.

Also, to make it official...yes, there will be a Live wipe when we update early next week. We're going to turn on Purge Mode here shortly to have a little fun in the remaining days here on Live. This basically means that loot gets cranked way up so everyone can just have a free for all in the last remaining days of this wipe cycle.

I'll update here again after the weekend when we have a clearer idea of when this update will take place. In the meantime, please jump on Test over the weekend. We need all the eyes we can get and your feedback is incredibly important to us. Let us know what you think!



We've updated and unlocked Test. This push is a release candidate for Live next week, so there are a few things to go over here.

First off, we want to address a few major issues with the current Live experience. Right now on Live, people are exploiting the repair box to “hold” land in preparation for mega-bases and to generally grief other players.

Another major issue is overlapping socketed base objects. This has allowed a variety of base designs that are extremely difficult and resource intensive to raid, to the point where people call them "unraidable".

Additionally, we were able to identify and fix a major bug with loot spawn caps that's been around a while. Most of you are aware that Live updates always seemed to reset loot and it took a little while to normalize. It made adjusting desired spawn amounts impossible for our designers as it was constantly adjusting over time. This has been fixed in this update. Please be aware that this may feel like a loot nerf even though actual loot tables/amounts haven't been touched. We can adjust as needed as we gather feedback if we feel it's warranted.

In order to line up a solid Live candidate next week, we’ve had to roll back some in-progress work (most notably the new melee system which isn't ready for prime-time) to ensure a stable release.


Given all that, here's what we've updated Test with tonight:

  • Loot Spawn Fix (over time, loot spawners would stop respecting their loot caps and would spawn excess items. This has been fixed.)
  • Repair boxes have been removed
  • Socketed base items (gates, shelters, everything that snaps) can no longer be placed to interpenetrate other base objects
  • Weather (rain and fog. Yes, weather will make its way to Live finally!)
  • Several new CTD fixes

Please share your feedback here in this thread! There's a lot here to process and we're eager to see what you think of these changes.

Source: Reddit