[UPDATE] 11:36AM PST, December 14th

We identified a gap overnight in BattlEye that we've now closed - keep in mind that we're able to see everything that happens in logs, and we'll continue watching and closing gaps (and banning players) like that one last night. It'll be a persistent thing, in other words, and not a one and done fix.

What's fixed in this push?
  • Arrows no longer crash players near bases. We hammered on this HARD on Test this past week. We have high confidence this is finally fixed.
  • Random CTDs have been reduced significantly. These may still occur from time to time, but the frequency should be far, far less.
  • Base ejection (if you end up under the deck foundation for any reason) is now instantaneous.
  • The gaps between metal gates and surrounding items are now closed so you shouldn't be able to place items there while raiding.
  • Grenades are now equippable in the second weapon slot (default key 3).
  • Items (weapons, clothing, etc.) no longer auto-skin. Note that this will not revert previously skinned items.
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a partial stack of something destroyed the entire stack (ie: if you pick up 20 wood from a 100x wood plank drop, the other 80 would vanish previously).
  • Players now spawn with an improvised compass (that can no longer be broken down for bottles). Be on the lookout for a better one!
  • Fixed an issue where some dropped items would not expire over time.
  • Changed spawing systems to be more lenient when spawning items in highly travelled areas.
  • Loot balances: Tactical flashlights have been completely removed from spawns (don't drop yours!); Compass spawns have been decreased; Backpacks (Military in particular) are rarer; Ammo balance (more good ammo, less R380 and 9MM - these are subtle tweaks)
  • Added the descriptor "FULL" to our queue population lists (we now have LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, FULL)
  • Added queue placement # back in (where you are in the current queue).

We still have a few other issues we'd like to take care of before the next Live push we're planning on December 21st. We're looking at recent hacks, emotes not working, weapons appearing on your corpse's back after death, continued lag reduction and a bunch of other stuff.

I'll update here again in the morning when Live is verified up and ready to unlock.

Thanks again for your support this past week. This team is awesome and is doing amazing work and I'm glad you guys are starting to see what I've been seeing these past 2 months. We'll keep it up for you guys if you keep coming back. :)

Source: Reddit