We’ve updated the Test Server with a number of hit registration improvements and bug fixes. We’ll be unlocking Test for the weekend (Friday 7/28 at 8:00pm PT – Sunday 7/30 at 8:00pm PT) and then reviewing your feedback on Monday. If everything looks good, we will release these changes in a hotfix (no downtime required) next week.

Bug fixes:
  • We were able to identify one issue causing client framerate hitches. This has been fixed – if you’ve been experiencing that issue please hop on Test and let us know if it’s been cleared up. It’s possible that there are other causes, and we are continuing to investigate this aggressively as a top priority.
  • StreamDeck and similar devices should function properly again.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur when simultaneously reloading and shooting.

Hit Reg Improvements:
  • Player hitboxes have been slightly adjusted to provide more consistent hit feedback.
  • Neck shots are now critical hits to more clearly separate headshots from bodyshots.
  • Reduced idle head-bob animations for more consistent hit registration against stationary targets.
  • Loot bag projectile collision has been removed so that they will no longer block shots.
  • Fixed shots being incorrectly blocked by collision when the target is up against a wall.

Quality of life changes:
  • Removed a few gas ring end-points that were on the extreme edges of the map creating unfavorable endgame scenarios.

Source: Reddit