Following the deployment of King Of The Kill build 1246532 to the test server, 11420 changes have been noted in the core item file spanning 423 items.
The following items have been added to the item file...
Hair: Spike Mohawk
Hair: Afro Mohawk
Air Drop Ticket T-Shirt

$0.73 - $1.10

Kuromu Dragon M9

$0.27 - $0.58

Heavy Assault Military Backpack

$0.09 - $0.19

Neko-chan Conveys

$0.98 - $1.24

Neko-chan Hoodie

$0.06 - $0.12

Neko-chan Shorts

$0.05 - $0.08

Sniper Fingerless Gloves
Ninja Stealth Shoes

$0.64 - $0.90

Kitsune Plated Full Helmet

$0.05 - $0.09

Kitsune Henley Shirt

$0.05 - $0.09

Kitsune Cargo Pants

$0.12 - $0.19

Kitsune Infiltration Shoes

$0.14 - $0.19

Kitsune Tactical Body Armor
Firefighter Tactical Helmet
Firefighter Respirator
Firefighter Parka
Firefighter Padded Pants
Fiery Spiked Motorcycle Helmet
Star-Spangled Hat
Patriot's Pride

$10.84 - $15.34

Irezumi Dragon AR-15

$6.73 - $9.51

Neko-chan 12GA Pump Shotgun

$0.05 - $0.07

Kuromu Dragon Recurve Bow

$0.14 - $0.21

Kuromu Dragon .44 Magnum

$0.14 - $0.19

Sniper Laminated Body Armor

$0.05 - $0.08

Sniper Tactical Helmet

$0.43 - $1.49

Neko-chan R380

$4.02 - $5.31

Heavy Assault Skull Mask

$0.04 - $0.07

Tech Combat Boots

$0.63 - $0.86

Heavy Assault .44 Magnum
Armor Scrap
Composite Fabric

$0.03 - $0.05

Ronin Crate
Bronze Ronin Crate
Silver Ronin Crate
Gold Ronin Crate

These items already exist in the item file but have been renamed and possibly re-categorised.
Carving Knife Jagged Skinning Knife
Gun Parts Gun Part
Anarchy Motorcycle Helmet SBD's Anarchy Motorcycle Helmet
Skin: Anarchy Motorcycle Helmet Skin: SBD's Anarchy Motorcycle Helmet
Green Camo Padded Pants Sniper's Green Camo Padded Pants
Green Ghillie Suit Face Bandana Sniper's Ghillie Face Bandana
Skin: Green Ghillie Suit Face Bandana Skin: Sniper's Ghillie Face Bandana
Green Army Parka Armored Green Army Parka
Yellow Raincoat Parka Armored Yellow Raincoat Parka
Snow Camo Parka Armored Snow Camo Parka
Navy Eagle Parka Armored Navy Eagle Parka
Dragon Lodge Parka Armored Dragon Lodge Parka
Neon Splatter Survivor Backpack Loot Pinata's Survivor Backpack
Skin: Neon Splatter Survivor Backpack Skin: Loot Pinata's Survivor Backpack
Red Gators Brown Stealth Shoes
Skirmish Bag: Reanimated Skirmish Bag: Ironman

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Disclaimer: this post has been automatically generated based on a comparison of game data files, the changes listed above are only theoretical and may not appear on the live server and could be subject to change at any time.