Following the deployment of King Of The Kill build 1299913 to the test server, 17181 changes have been noted in the core item file spanning 1996 items.
The following items have been added to the item file...
Yellow and Black T-shirt
Red and Black Military Backpack
Blue and Orange T-Shirt
Pale Blue T-Shirt
Athletic T-Shirt
Orange Tanktop
Athletic Tanktop
Purple Henley
Baseball Henley
Green Henley

$0.06 - $0.12

m0E_tv T-Shirt

$0.10 - $0.18

julia_tv T-Shirt

$0.62 - $0.89

JoshOG Leather Jacket

$0.30 - $0.51

Crunk_Muffin Shorts

$0.23 - $0.37

SeaNanners Hockey Mask

$0.45 - $0.65

SandyRavage Cargo Pants

$0.24 - $0.31

GassyMexican T-Shirt

$0.20 - $0.25

Echo Fox Jersey

$0.16 - $0.25

Dr DisRespect Motorcycle Helmet

$0.54 - $0.74

ANGRYPUG Motorcycle Helmet

$0.11 - $0.14

Red Bone Baggy Pants

$1.61 - $2.39

Red Bone Hoodie

$0.76 - $1.19

Red Bone Body Armor
Shallow Grave M1911A1

$14.78 - $19.18

Red Bone Full Helmet

$0.11 - $0.18

Red Bone Work Boots

$0.10 - $0.14

2016 Invitational Crate
Bronze 2016 Invitational Crate
Silver 2016 Invitational Crate
Gold 2016 Invitational Crate

$0.99 - $1.61

Ellohime Conveys

$0.16 - $0.36

Manpons T-Shirt

$0.53 - $0.77

TheZombiUnicorn Tanktop

$0.07 - $0.11

Desert Warfare Polo Shirt

$0.07 - $0.11

Desert Warfare Tactical Pants
Punji Stick Row

$0.36 - $0.47

Desert Warfare Tactical Helmet

$0.79 - $0.97

Desert Warfare Tactical Body Armor

$0.80 - $1.24

Twitch Tactical Backpack

$4.91 - $6.53

Shallow Grave .308 Hunting Rifle

$15.65 - $22.85

Mr Grimmmz AR-15

$25.55 - $38.76

Ninja AR-15

$0.07 - $0.10

Desert Warfare Shemagh

$0.08 - $0.08

Alpha Launch Crate

$0.35 - $0.50

H1Z1 Wearables Crate

$0.42 - $0.97

Battle Royale Wearables Crate

$2.72 - $4.12

Marauder Crate

$1.00 - $1.76

Mercenary Crate

$0.05 - $0.06

Showdown Crate

$0.04 - $0.06

Renegade Crate

$0.06 - $0.26

Wasteland Crate

$0.03 - $0.04

EZW Crate

$0.04 - $0.07

Predator Crate

$0.03 - $0.05

Ronin Crate

$14.75 - $20.28

Gorilla Warfare Full Helmet
Baggy Blue Jeans
Baggy Brown Jeans
Blue Skinny Jeans

$0.06 - $0.08

Desert Warfare Work Boots
Black and Red Striped Backpack
Tan Camo Backpack
Black Jeans
Blue Jeans
Brown Jeans
Camo Tan Cap
Red Cap
Tan Cap
Tan Military Backpack
Blue and Grey Backpack
Tan Ghillie Suit
Brown Workboots
.308 Hunting Rifle
12GA Pump Shotgun
.44 Magnum
Recurve Bow

$0.08 - $0.13

White Zeds
Navy Zeds
Brown Zeds
Green Zeds

These items already exist in the item file but have been renamed and possibly re-categorised.
Storage Container Storage
Gas Gas Trap
Account.Emote.WaveHello Wave Hello
Account.Emote.Applause Applause
Account.Emote.Beckon Beckon
Account.Emote.CutThroat Cut Throat
Account.Emote.TeaBagA Tea Bag A
Account.Emote.Laugh Laugh
Account.Emote.NoWay No Way
Account.Emote.Point Point
Account.Emote.Salute Salute
Account.Emote.Agree Agree
Account.Emote.DanceA Dance A
Account.Emote.WaveBye Wave Bye
Account.Emote.BasicSalute Crisp Salute
Account.Emote.BlowKiss Blow Kiss
Account.Emote.ButScratchSniff Scratch and Sniff
Account.Emote.Cheer Cheer
Account.Emote.Cold So Cold
Account.Emote.Confused Confused
Account.Emote.Crazy Crazy
Account.Emote.Cry Cry
Account.Emote.Curse Curse
Account.Emote.Curtsey Curtsey
Account.Emote.Doh Doh
Account.Emote.FingerWaggle Finger Waggle
Account.Emote.Frustrated Frustrated
Account.Emote.Flustered Flustered
Account.Emote.GetAttention Get Attention
Account.Emote.Glare Glare
Account.Emote.HandBeckon Hand Beckon
Account.Emote.HappyDance Happy Dance
Account.Emote.Hot So Hot
Account.Emote.IsItRaining Is It Raining?
Account.Emote.JumpHooray Jump Hooray
Account.Emote.Loser Loser
Account.Emote.LookAway Look Away
Account.Emote.Listen Listen
Account.Emote.Moon Full Moon
Account.Emote.Neener Neener
Account.Emote.Orate Orate
Account.Emote.Pout Pout
Account.Emote.Ponder Ponder
Account.Emote.Peer Peer
Account.Emote.RoyalWave Royal Wave
Account.Emote.RudeSlap Rude Slap
Account.Emote.Sad Sad
Account.Emote.Scold Scold
Account.Emote.ScrewYouA Screw You All
Account.Emote.Scream Scream
Account.Emote.ShakeFist Shake Fist
Account.Emote.ShakeHead Shake Head
Account.Emote.Shame Shame on You
Account.Emote.ShieldEyes Shield Eyes
Account.Emote.ShiverDownSpine Shiver Down My Spine
Account.Emote.ShrugDance Shrug Dance
Account.Emote.Sigh Le Sigh
Account.Emote.Sniff Sniff
Account.Emote.Stretch Stretch
Account.Emote.Square Square
Account.Emote.Sulk Sulk
Account.Emote.SwearOath Swear Oath
Account.Emote.TeaBagB Tea Bag B
Account.Emote.TapFoot Tap Foot
Account.Emote.Threaten Threaten
Account.Emote.Thanks My Thanks
Account.Emote.ThumbsDown Thumbs Down
Account.Emote.ThumbsUp Thumbs Up
Account.Emote.Victory Victory
Account.Emote.Violin World's Smallest Violin
Account.Emote.Whistle Whistle
Account.Emote.Wave Wave
Account.Emote.Wince Wince
Account.Emote.WooHoo Woo Hoo
Account.Emote.HandsUp Hands Up
Account.Emote.Sit Sit
Challenger's Hardcore Combat Boots Challenger's Hardcore Boots
Challenger's Hardcore Combat Boots Challenger's Hardcore Boots
Dragonfire AK-47 Desert Warfare AK-47
Dragonfire Katana Grunge Katana
Dragonfire AK-47 Desert Warfare AK-47
Dragonfire Katana Grunge Katana
Sniper's Color Farmer Jacket Sniper's Sharpshooter Farmer Jacket
Sniper's Color Farmer Jacket Sniper's Sharpshooter Farmer Jacket

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Disclaimer: this post has been automatically generated based on a comparison of game data files, the changes listed above are only theoretical and may not appear on the live server and could be subject to change at any time.