Following the deployment of King Of The Kill build 1338729 to the test server, 10288 changes have been noted in the core item file spanning 2036 items.
The following items have been added to the item file...
Vehicle Key
Orange Backpack
Blue Military Backpack
Red Motorcycle Helmet
Weapon Workbench
Promo Item Bundle
White Suit Jacket
Green Plaid Suit Jacket
Green Striped Suit Jacket
White Slacks
Beige Plaid Slacks
Green Striped Slacks
Founder's Shotgun
Founder's Backpack
Classic Red Offroader
Shallow Grave Offroader
King of the Kill Offroader
Yellow Graphic Offroader
Refined Gunpowder
Scrap Conversion
Skirmish Crate: Small Firearms

$22.22 - $22.22

Skirmish Crate: Ironman

$35.00 - $35.49

Skirmish Crate: Reanimated

$70.00 - $70.00

Skirmish Crate: Shotguns and Snipers 2

$6.97 - $7.46

Mystery Crate v1

$1.45 - $1.87

Mystery Crate v1.5

$0.12 - $0.16

Mystery Crate v2

$1.99 - $2.75

KotK Mystery Crate

$0.16 - $0.50

Elite Crate

$17.00 - $19.00

Hardcore Elite Crate

$1.50 - $1.89

KotK Elite Crate
Raise Crown

These items already exist in the item file but have been renamed and possibly re-categorised.
AR15 AR-15
AR15 AR-15
AR15 AR-15
Pink Bandana Pink Face Bandana
AR15 AR-15
AR15 AR-15
Green Dawn AR15 Green Dawn AR-15
Green Dawn AR15 Green Dawn AR-15
Showdown AR15 Showdown AR-15
Showdown Gold AR15 Showdown Gold AR-15
Anodized AR15 Anodized AR-15
Showdown Gold AR15 Showdown Gold AR-15
Lightning AR15 Lightning AR-15
Lightning AR15 Lightning AR-15
Anodized AR15 Anodized AR-15
Unlocked Renegade Crate Renegade Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked Renegade Crate Renegade Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked Wasteland Crate Wasteland Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked EZW Crate EZW Crate - Unlocked
Listen To The Crowd Listen to the Crowd
Unlocked Predator Crate Predator Crate - Unlocked
Teatime Tea Time
Unlocked Ronin Crate Ronin Crate - Unlocked
Male Hair 1 Male Medium Messy
Male Hair 2 Male Short Bun
Male Hair 3 Male Bald
Male Hair 4 Male Short Messy
Female Hair 1 Female Short Bun
Female Hair 2 Female Medium Wavy
Female Hair 3 Female Afro
Female Hair 4 Female Medium Messy
Unlocked 2016 Invitational Crate 2016 Invitational Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked Alpha Launch Crate Alpha Launch Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked H1Z1 Wearables Crate H1Z1 Wearables Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked Battle Royale Wearables Crate Battle Royale Wearables Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked Marauder Crate Marauder Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked Vigilante Crate Vigilante Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked Mercenary Crate Mercenary Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked 2015 Invitational Crate 2015 Invitational Crate - Unlocked
Unlocked Showdown Crate Showdown Crate - Unlocked
AR15 AR-15

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Disclaimer: this post has been automatically generated based on a comparison of game data files, the changes listed above are only theoretical and may not appear on the live server and could be subject to change at any time.