The servers will be coming offline on Wednesday, December 14th at 3AM PT and will remain down for approximately 6 hours.

Live servers are being updated with the latest build changes. This patch is focused on pushing bug fixes for bugs and exploits that we have seen recently. We wanted to ensure as quick a fix as possible for these issues.
New Feature: Kill Cam
  • When you are killed, the camera will now follow your killer for a short time so you can see where the killing shot came from.
Bug Fixes:
  • Further work on the infamous shotgun. We have beat the heck out of this one for some time and our reporting is showing really reliable shot registration and performance. Please pay attention to it, your quality of hits (how much of the spread hit your target, etc.) and share any videos if you believe you see unexpected behavior.
  • Reduced the amount of time before the game starts once you get into Fort Destiny. Rolling from one game to another should be quite a bit faster.
  • Reduced the amount of players that you will see in Fort Destiny. This was done to reduce network load to improve game performance on our servers, and should not really impact your game experience. This has no effect once you parachute into the world to begin the match.
  • Fixed a known case where winning a game could cause a “stuck cursor” state in the subsequent game, which could lead to the inability to aim or shoot under some circumstances.
  • Entering a vehicle prone will no longer allow players to move faster than intended while prone after exiting the vehicle. This removes an exploit that popped up recently that we wanted to eradicate quickly.
  • Cutting the engine of a vehicle will no longer make it completely silent. We were seeing some cases of rolling up on someone in stealth mode that was unintended. This should not occur any longer as you can hear the vehicle rolling.
  • FOV range is limited in the useroptions.ini to match the in-game range. We were seeing some abuse at really wide FOV’s that were giving players an unfair advantage.
  • Procoagulant was appearing as craftable even if you were missing ingredients. This will no longer happen and it will correctly indicate if you are able to craft it or not.
  • Appropriate right click options have been fixed on Makeshift Armor.
  • AK-47s can now be equipped via proximity right-click like other weapons.
  • Holiday Hoodies will now correctly have the hood down when equipping a helmet.
  • Fixed some clipping issues that occurred when wearing body armor and a parka, and the Frostbite Beanie and a face mask.

We are prepping another patch before the holidays that will focus on server performance to get as much out of our current servers as we can. We will share more info on this next week.

Source: Daybreak Website