Expect to see a hotfix coming at around 2pm (Pacific) today. It's client-only, so now server downtime is required.

Changes include:

  • A change has been made to prevent situations where players could circumvent the region locking mechanism.
  • Fixed the bug where would occasionally cause a player’s region selection to randomly change on login.

Unrelated to this hotfix, but knowing you might be interested; after literally working all night, one of our engineers was able to identify what we believe is the root cause of the grenade/throwables crash. A fix has been checked-in on our internal environment. Our Dev/QA teams are planning to do a few playtests this afternoon to confirm that the crash is fixed. Barring any new issues arising, we might try and publish late tonight (after the NA Showdown) or early tomorrow morning. Again, we haven’t confirmed that its 100% fixed yet, but I wanted to share the status of the progress we’re making.

Source: Reddit