Hi all, here's a write-up documenting the bigger changes found in the update pushed to test server yesterday. Sorry for the delay, enjoy! <3


Vehicles have been tuned to have better handling and be less susceptible to flipping.
Vehicle performance has been adjusted to better differentiate the different vehicles:

The police car is the fastest.
  • The off roader has the best handling.
  • Passengers in the rear of the pickup truck can stand up to shoot forward. Known Issue: Crouch is not working yet.
  • Flipped vehicles can be righted by getting out and performing an interaction with them.
We’ve performed a pass on vehicle audio that includes: engine sounds, tire squeal when turning on pavement, and braking sounds.

Vehicles should explode unexpectedly due to weird physics interactions far less often.

Vehicles now have horns [Default: J].

Keys & Hotwiring

We’ve made some small changes to the way vehicle inventory works. Vehicles now spawn with a key in addition to the current vehicle parts. The key is found in the trunk, with the biofuel, and can be picked up. Vehicles will start immediately if they have a key inside or if any player (driver or passenger) is carrying a key.

Additionally, vehicles can be hotwired by right-clicking when a key isn’t available. Hotwiring takes a little time and makes noise, which may alert other players, but can be used to acquire a vehicle in a pinch.

Other vehicle parts (boost, headlights, battery, and spark plugs) can still be removed, but require 30 seconds to do so.

Toxic Gas

*Dynamic Gas

The size of each gas ring after the first will now scale based on the number of remaining players, becoming smaller if the player count is lower than expected for that phase. This is intended to reduce lulls in the game, though we’ve been intentionally conservative with the initial adjustments to ensure we don’t overly penalize players who spawned far from the safe area.


Toxicity is a new resource pool that fills over time while a player is in the gas (currently, it takes 3 minutes to fill, but we’ll be keeping an eye on feedback and adjust accordingly). Once a player reaches max Toxicity, they take increased damage from the gas (again, initial implementation is conservative and will likely see further tuning). The main goals of the toxicity system are to prevent long term gas camping by making it harder to stay in the gas for long periods of time in the early game and impossible in the mid to late game without making the toxic gas more punishing for players that get stuck in it for a short period of time.

Air Drops

We’ve removed air drops from the late game because bombing runs could be too oppressive in the small safe zones.

Air drops should no longer land on steep, vertical terrain that makes is hard or impossible to loot them.

Air drops will no longer originate only in the NE corner of the map and will angle up or down during flight to indicate whether or not they have dropped their payload.

Dropped bombs can be heard from much further away as they are falling.


We’ve made some adjustments to the parachute, adding ropes and handles and smoothing animations while flying and landing. These changes will make parachuting feel a little different, but shouldn’t significantly alter parachute flight mechanics. Being able to stretch landings is an important mechanic and something we want to maintain.

Players should no longer take falling damage when detaching from their parachute.

Fair Play

Details coming later this week…

Source: Reddit