There has been a ton of feedback about Z2 and we want to thank everyone for hopping in and providing it! Here is a quick update from the team about where their focus has been and what you can expect in the next Test update which we'll provide timing around later this week.

  • Optimization of the map is still ongoing and we continue to work that out.
  • “E” responsiveness and the lag in picking up loot and items have been looked at. This is improved and should be reflected in the next update.
  • Art bugs (holes in the world, stuff like that), the art team has been 100% focused on clearing these out and it is pretty clean now with just a handful remaining to fix. We may find a small object out of position here and there, but all of the major gameplay items will be correctly positioned.
  • Fair play changes are not yet on Test. We have been gathering data in the background so that we can have the right values in place when we turn those on. The current plan is to do that on the 20th.
  • Spawning without bandages is fixed and will be represented in the next update.
  • The new Box of Destiny has been streamlined so players shouldn’t get stuck places or be able to leave the spawning area.

Thanks again for everyone's help and we look forward to seeing each of you on Test!

Source: Reddit