We pushed out our next game patch to Test last night as part of our normal update process. This update was discussed in the last Producer letter, and includes the following:

  • Team follow cam, when you die in a team game, you will have the ability to follow your teammates to see how the rest of the action plays out
  • End of team game's UI sequence cleaned up and displaying correct information
  • Changes to the crafting screen to make it easier to use
  • An updated version of The Arena that focused on fixing a lot of visual bugs
  • We made some changes to the shotgun code in order to make the hit registration on that weapon more consistent
  • Bug fixes throughout the UI and game

We are continuing to look at some other hit registration issues and will continue to fix issues in future updates.

Just an update that we updated Test again this morning with just some ongoing bug fixes.

Would be helpful if people could play on test and let us know if you are unable to join a match.

Source: Reddit