New Feature: Play Again

There is now a 'Play Again' button on the end screen for Solos games. Clicking it will put you right back into the queue for another match without ever having to return to the Main Menu. The 'Stay Together' flow is still in place for Team Games.

Tuning Fixes
  • The volume of the starting Main Menu music has been decreased.
  • Aim-block indicator now has an additional directional indicator on the crosshair.
  • Slightly increased the boldness of the cardinal directions on the new compass.
  • Molotovs now deal damage to explosive barrels. Approximately 5 seconds of fire will cause the barrel to explode.
  • Molotovs initial damage now applies to vehicles.
  • Fire arrows now do damage to players who are in vehicles.
  • Fire arrow burn damage is no longer extinguished by entering a vehicle.
  • Fire arrow initial damage has been increased to match that of regular arrows.

Combat Update Bug Fixes
  • The “Center Inventory” option is fixed.
  • Voice chat works in the lobby on the Main Menu again.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to render out at closer than intended distances in cities.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when players died with their map open.
  • Fixed some animation lag that could occur when reloading weapons.
  • The black box that could appear when zooming in with a scoped weapon has been removed
  • Rifle barrels are no longer visible when zooming in with a scoped weapon while strafing
  • Offset cameras no longer incorrectly move when swapping weapons
  • Fixed several camera issues that were occurring with bows.
  • Cleaned up the M9 reload animation
  • Biofuel canisters will no longer explode when punched.
  • Spectated players name no longer appears at the top of the screen after exiting a game
  • Punching glass will now break it in one shot even if you have binoculars equipped

Source: Reddit