Team Spectate
  • For the weekend, we’ve turned Team Spectate on. If you’re playing Duos or Fives and are killed, you’ll have the option to Spectate your teammates. We've disabled Solo to help with testing this.
Bug Fixes:

  • Cutting the engine of a moving vehicle will no longer make it completely silent.
  • Fixed an exploit where entering a vehicle while prone would allow players to move at running speed while prone after exiting the vehicle.
  • Makeshift Armor once again has all intended right-click options.
  • Procoagulent will no longer appear craftable despite having insufficient ingredients.
  • We identified and fixed a case where, after winning a game, the mouse-cursor to get stuck on screen after interacting with menus. This could lead to players getting stuck in a state where they couldn’t consistently aim or shoot. This specific case is fixed – please let us know if you encounter this issue so that we can continue to investigate if there are other causes.

Source: Daybreak Forums