Servers will be coming down at 5AM Pacific tomorrow for approximately 2 hours.

Patch Notes:

In addition to various fixed crash bugs:

  • Fixed popping in iron sight transitions
  • Fixed many cases of frozen animations after exiting vehicles
  • Fixed issue where a animations would freeze while holding a shotgun while crouched or while sprinting and reloading
  • Fixed several cases of animations getting stuck in jumping or falling state
  • Fixed issues where and observed 3rd person aim doesn't line up with 1st person aim
  • Fixed bug that allowed going prone and fire backwards
  • Fixed de-sync for prone animations showing prone players as standing when holding the AK47

  • Fixed several cases of audio sticking around between switching servers or BR rounds
  • Fixed cases where running audio would persist between 1st and 3rd person while pistol was equipped.

  • Removed Leader Board display temporarily from BR (related to crash bug when put into a parachute) - statistics are still being recorded.
  • Fixed issue where an equipped bow stays on your back even after you get rid of the bow
  • Fixed issue where vehicles were able to coast through water by turning off the engine before entering a water source.
  • Fixed ability to double prone through floors and ceilings
  • Fixed issue when dropping from a parachute (1st person) and landing to see the inside of the players head
  • Fixed many cases of movement de-sync causing invisible players on some clients
  • Adjusted rendering distance for some barrier objects
  • Adjusted weather settings for less doom and gloom
  • Police car is now far less likely to explode on collisions with poles
  • Players will no longer remain on fire forever if hit with a Molotov.
  • Dead players should no longer shows up as undressed when coming into proximity
  • Fixed case of stuck on the loading screen due to environment rendering deadlock

  • Fixed issue preventing properly skinning boots and shoes
  • Fixed issue where fog circle wouldn’t appear on the map.
  • Fixed issue with throwable items showing an incorrect ammo count [1/1 when holding 1 item]
  • Entering and exiting vehicles by pressing “E” is now more responsive and only require one button press.
  • Added ability to hide chat messages

Source: Reddit