Hi Survivors!

Two months ago, we updated Just Survive…and it wasn’t the prettiest update we’ve done in the game’s history.

We’ve taken a different approach to how we deal with Live patches since then. We’re communicating with you, the community, as much as we can about what we’re up to (and what you’re seeing) on Reddit and on Discord. We’re using Test heavily and repeatedly. If you’re unfamiliar with what we’ve been up to on Test since that last update, take a peek at these past Reddit posts here, here, and here and you’ll see what I mean. We listened to your feedback. We addressed issue after issue, tweaked, and resubmitted back to Test – not directly to Live. We intend to continue using Test just like this in the future.

This Live patch addresses a long list of issues so I’ll highlight just some of the more important ones: lag was a major issue with the last update. We’ve reduced it. Vehicle and base exploits were huge issues. We’ve addressed those. Loot balance was a little inconsistent before. We’ve tweaked that, too. Perhaps what’s been most important to me to address is simply how we interact with you, the Just Survive community. This starts by earning your trust back. It’s been a long two months, but I hope the team’s efforts with this update confirm our devotion to this game and to all of you.

In my first two months here, I’ve learned a ton about Just Survive and more importantly, about you guys. I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that the core player base here is one of the most devoted I’ve personally ever seen in my career. That’s beyond inspiring to me. I’m not going to lie to you - we’re not always going to see eye to eye. We’re going to break a few things along the way. And we might not always fix things in the order you want us to. But I can promise you that I’ll always be straight with you and communicate with you on a regular basis. This means frequent updates on Reddit. It means doing AMAs now that we’ve restored the Live version of the game to something you will enjoy playing again. It means Community Outbreak streams with the JS team.

Most exciting to me is that it means finally being able to talk about what we have planned for 2017. What most people don’t know yet is that we have a core portion of the team that has been working on nothing but the future of Just Survive. We’ll finally get to start talking about that soon. Fix now, cool later. Right? We’re getting a lot closer.

Just Survive isn’t dead. Far from it. We’re just getting started.
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