The Test server has been getting a few updates over the last week and now it’s time to bring all of that to the Live servers. The update should be coming tomorrow 4/13.

We are making some changes about the recursive destruction based on your feedback. We will be taking this feature out of tomorrow’s publish to do some additional design work before implementing it again. Thanks to everyone who took the time to jump onto the Test server and provided feedback. It’s this type of player interaction that we hope to foster more of moving forward.

Right now we are working on a few new things for Just Survive that you should see come to the Test server in the near future. We’re in the process of integrating our AI system (used currently with zombies) into the other creatures of the world (Deer, wolves, bears..etc). This change should address a lot of issues we are experiencing with wildlife currently. We will be applying the limited area build rules to all PVE servers. If the base decay works as planned and frees up the world from cluttered bases we want to start increasing zombie density by raising global NPC caps.

The update will come with a full player and world wipe. With the dupe bug fixed and the base decay being added we think now is a great time to jump back in to Just Survive and stake your claim. Patch notes for the update will be coming soon. Keep an eye on Reddit and our social channels for that announcement. Thanks!

Source: Daybreak's Website