Steve George (@ShockDev) here with a quick update regarding H1Z1: Just Survive. I know some of you are thinking, “Wait a minute, why isn’t Executive Producer Chris Wynn writing this?” Simple. Chris and I share many duties across the H1Z1 franchise, but Just Survive is my primary focus so it makes sense that I provide the dev updates for that team and give you insight into how things are coming together.

To begin, I want to thank you all for transitioning with us when we spun-off Just Survive and King of the Kill as two separate products back in February. The overarching goal has always been to regularly iterate on Just Survive based on its exclusive needs. The reality is we still have many issues to resolve which are pertinent to both games. This is the main reason you are still seeing live updates for both products in synchronization. We are two separate teams; however, there are many of our technical process that can be synced with one another, which is why for the time being you will see some hotfixes that address issues on both titles.

Also, thanks to those of you that helped us identify duping issues. We’ve identified it internally and are actively working to get that fix in game

Current Focus for Just Survive

Base building is an important part of Just Survive. We want you to feel like you’re staking your claim in this world. Base building in its current state has left the world cluttered and messy. We hope the following changes will help keep the atmosphere of Just Survive more aligned with our original design for the game. You can expect more changes and features added to base building in the future. Some upcoming additions:

Base Decay

There has been a lot of discussion on our end regarding ways to keep the world free of derelict bases and other structures. One of the things we’ve identified is the length of time it takes for a base to decay and disappear. Keep in mind while you are reading this, we’re not trying to make it more difficult to maintain your bases. In Just Survive, we have property which we want you to build on but there should be some general guidelines to the use of this property. We believe that if you want to own a base in the world, you need to login and play at a reasonable frequency. At this time, with “reasonable,” we mean about once a week. Going forward, anything beyond this play frequency will result in your base decaying. So, in a nutshell, log in weekly and repair your base at a bare minimum and this change should have zero effect on you.

Base Destruction

Recursive base destruction is being turned on. What does this mean? When something is destroyed, anything attached to that unit is also recursively destroyed. So if you build a stack of items on top of each other and destroy the bottom one, everything above will also destroyed. This may sadden those of you that build stairways to heaven or those that use sleeping bags as roof tiles, but those are examples of unintended functionality. More importantly, this feature will help facilitate cleaning up the world and mean no more random floating base elements

Limited Base Building Servers

Due to positive community feedback on the matter, we’re converting 5 more servers (2 EU) to limited base building worlds. The following servers will all be converted to PVP worlds:

  • Decay
  • Fiend Fire (EU)
  • Axe Away
  • Barricade
  • Belgrade (EU)

Release timing for these changes:

Tentatively April 6, 2016

Additionally, you can expect an update to the Live servers with more bug fixes very soon. As always, for this post and those in the future, I look forward to feedback from the community!