Today we were treated to a livestream of the new Stronghold system. The guys have been working on this for a long time and were keen to show us what they have created.

Join us in approximately 30 minutes for the reveal of Stongholds! Ask your questions!

Stronghold Summary

The stream started with an overview of the new Stronghold system explaining what it was all about. Some of the key points were..

  • Locations of Strongholds fixed
  • 100+ Fixed Stronghold locations across Z3
  • Team to review footfall of each Stronghold pad to determine its usefulness.
  • Fire will affect certain structures differently
  • Demoing will result in a % of Materials being returned to you
  • Other materials coming later, wood only in initial test release
  • Items can be picked up if misplaced, simply pick up, try again
  • Health bars on base objects will only show when you are looking at them
  • Object limit on base pads to avoid performance issues
  • Base tiers will have different resistants based on their type
  • Shacks will be removed from the game
  • Planned UI redesign in the future
  • When demolishing items you will receive materials in return
  • Traps are being re-hauled
  • Shacks Gone, to replaced with loot stashes and better ways to defend lock boxes whilst you save up currency to buy a Stronghold plot.

Raid Attack Cycle

Something else the team touched upon briefly was the introduction of an in game currency, heres a summary of what was mentioned...

  • Raid time is fixed based on the size of the base being attached
  • Once raid has engaged, timer is activated
  • Time expired, poison gas released that affects attackers only
  • If still present on base after attack ejection is enforced
  • Base changes state and goes into a shielded mode
  • Whilst in shielded mode, structure and fortification rebuild automatically

Ingame Currency

Something else the team touched upon briefly was the introduction of an in game currency, heres a summary of what was announced...

  • Not linked to real money
  • Stronghold locations will be bought with in game currency, this currency cannot be bought with real life money.
  • You can trade loot for currency
  • Items being reclassified and everything being allocated a value

Badwater Creek

Finally, we managed to capture a single screenshot of the new map. Sure another livestream in the future will go over it in more detail.

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