These items were discovered in the unofficial patch notes and may not be in the game yet.


Floral Slacks
Beige Slacks
Police Slacks
Hipster Striped Polo
Marauder Crate
Multi Ammo Bow
Skull Full Face Respirator
Emergency Crank Radio
Green Splatter Boots
Cheetah Camo Boots
Lookout Tower
Hunting Polo Shirt
Tan Farmer's Jacket
Rancho Taquito Doomed Jacket
Grey Farmer's Jacket
Racing Jacket
Red and Black Fingerless Gloves
Gray Fingerless Gloves
Orange and White Fingerless Gloves
American Flag Fingerless Gloves
Brown Studded Fingerless Gloves
Marauder Crate Key
Police Body Armor
Laminated Tactical Body Armor