The Test Server is currently undergoing an update to include the following:

Client Version, Steam Content 900434

Holiday Event
  • While in survival, seek out the naughty or nice zombies to get a special holiday gift. These zombies are particularly resilient to certain damage types.
  • While playing BR, keep your eyes to the sky and watch for those airdrop crates to retrieve your holiday goodies.

3 new traps for survival
One time use. Can be placed anywhere objects can normally be placed
  • Fire: instant and fast dot damage
  • Flash: Blind and disorient
  • Gas: Snare and slow dot damage

New body sim stat called Comfort
Consuming various foods and drinks or sitting by a fire will increase your comfort level.
Suffering attacks from zombies, bears, and wolves will cause your comfort to go down.
The higher your comfort level, the faster you regenerate health and stamina

Foundation permissions:
Added the ability to give each foundation a separate set of permissions for construction, destruction, and container access on a per player basis.
We are currently aware that destruction permission for the demolition hammer is not functioning correctly on the TEST server. This will be addressed before this feature goes to LIVE.

Military Base revamp.
New buildings have been placed, vehicles and zombies spawns are now there. The item spawners have also been revamped and you should now find more items that pertain to what you would expect to find in a military base. Such as, explosives, MREs, and Rifles.

Additional Updates
  • New Character Select screen with new Player Characters to choose from
  • The spawn rate of guns and ammo has been adjusted. Weapons and ammunition should be more scarce than before (a dev blog explaining this further will come out later today or tomorrow.)
  • Vehicles in regular BR (not team) have been set to single occupancy

Other Fixes
  • Fixed half-second pause when bringing up inventory
  • Zombies will attack exposed players on ATVs and in the back of the Pickup Truck
  • Rearranged vitals overlay to match how vitals are listed in inventory
  • Fixed spurious attacks when the player is repeatedly using the Push special ability.
  • Fixed bad raycast that was associating items placed under a structure with the structure above the items.
  • Fix for Ground Tillers that have been placed on Ground Tampers
  • Fix object "previews" being left behind during construction for very quickly-placed objects.
  • Because of the new base permissions and the changes to the military base this update will include a full character and world wipe.

    Source: Reddit